Friday, 3 December 2010

Welcome, and A Little About Me :)

Welcome to my blog :)
I'm new to this whole blogging thing.
My name is Zoe, I'm 23 years young and from the Town of Flowers (aka Shrewsbury, Shropshire).

I decided to make this blog as I am always shopping: make-up, nail products, clothes, shoes, accessories...all the usual girly things and thought I would share my findings. I am a sucker for good deals (3 for 2's, free gift set if you spend X amount etc) so I am always looking for these and shall blog about them too!
I am a spendaholic, my mother tells me I have TOO much and to be fair, my room is currently a very, VERY messy boutique! A friend once walked into my room and said 'Oh My God, it's like Barbie spewed up in your room!!'. As you will tell in time, I like Barbie, pink, glitter and all that kind of dolly stuff!

I am also the proud owner of somewhere just over 108 pairs of shoes at last count :)

I will also blog about various other things in between, like music, bands, gigs and just about anything that interests me. 30 Seconds to Mars...if you haven't heard of them I recommend you check them out! I <3 them.

So that's a little introduction to me, myself and I. Here's to blogging, enjoy x

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