Tuesday, 25 October 2011

ASOS Sale :)

Hey girls :)

I recently mentioned that I had placed an order on ASOS (, as they had a sale on. Well, my order arrived yesterday :) YAY!!

Soap & Glory:
No Clogs Allowed Self Heating Detox Mask: £6.75, from £10.25
Glad Hair Day Shampoo: £2,95, from £5.15
Glad Hair Day Conditioner: £2,95, from £5.15

Seriously could not believe how cheap these were!

Barry M:
Strawberry Ice Cream, Mint Green, Blueberry Ice Cream and Acid Yellow: All £2.25, from £2.99
Berry Ice Cream: £1.80(!), from £2.99

Total: £23.45, from £35.50 :) Nice £12.05 saving!

I couldn't get a very good photo with flash and no natural light!
Peach Melba on thumb nail, just to stay with the pastel/candy colours :)
I haven't tried the Acid Yellow yet, but will post when I do ;-)

Colours can be seen better on this photo :)
I love Blueberry Ice Cream and Mint Green!

Soap & Glory = Love!

I have yet to try these, but will review when I get round to using them ;-)

The ASOS sale is still on, with up to 70% off.



  1. Oh my god I've been using ASOS for months now and never once copped on that they sell beauty products! I feel so stupid.. need to run and check it out!

  2. Seriously jealous of your bargains. I didn't even know ASOS did such a wide range of beauty products until I saw your blog! I feel I've been missing out now. :(

    I'd be really interested to see how good you find the shampoo and conditioner!

  3. @Zoe - Just putting my bargain finding skills to good use ;-) haha. I really am a sucker for a bargain!

    @Serena - They do! How have you missed it?? They do loads, and a big selection of brands :) I don't really look at anything else on there (mainly to reduce my spending!).

    @Soph - Haha :) Yes, they do have some fab products and with sale bargains like these!! The sale is still on ;-)
    I will post when I get round to using them, just finishing off my Aussie atm.


  4. Love the barry m colours, I have the pink. Adore Soap and glory! :)
    Lucy x

  5. I love Barry M in general :) Their nail varnishes are some of the best around IMO. So cheap, great choice of colours and last ages.
    Everyone loves S&G :) One of the best brands!



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