Friday, 14 October 2011

Reflecting and Boots Star Gift of the Week

Hey ladies :)

So, I've been out tonight to start Donna's 21st Birthday celebrations and it is now gone 4am and I am in one of those reflective moods...also tired, and in need of sleep before driving to Blackpool tomorrow afternoon :) So excited!

Anyway, Thursday night (as previously mentioned), me and Donna went late night shopping in Telford. We went to Boots and I noticed that the first Star Gift of the Week (Hugo Boss Women's Gift Set) was on it's last day...I panicked and asked the sales assistant what was next, she couldn't say, but said it was to be revealed the next morning (Friday). I asked the main question 'Is it the Soap & Glory set???'...and she replied 'No, I can't say what it is, but that shouldn't be 'til a few weeks before Christmas!', PHEW! So, I was expecting something less exciting...BUT, today I popped to Boots and discovered what the new SGotW is....
Frontcover Style Queen Make-up Colour Set
£35, reduced to £17(!!) - FOR ONE WEEK ONLY!


£17 for all this?!?!

and the brush set?!


So now, going away for the weekend I have a mission, save £17 from my drinking/eating budget so I can treat myself to this!!! :) Think, not drink!

After this evening I don't particularly want to drink anymore anyway! I'm getting all grown-up and sensible in my 'old age' lol! I set myself a budget of around £50 drinking money for tonight in town, tomorrow night in Blackpool and Sunday in Liverpool...then looked at it and thought 'that is £50 I am never going to get back...!'...when I could spend £50 on nice things which last a long time! YES...I am getting all mature and deep, lol. Tonight I took out £15 and have NOTHING left! Thankfully I blagged drinks, shots and bottles of bubbly in town, but now I think 'I feel pretty crappy!!'. I am not drunk, just feel a bit bleurgh...and with my tummy problems I can't help but think I am going to pay for this in the morning!

Well...£35 left in the 'drinking budget', and no desire to drink any more! That means around £35 to spend on nice things :):):)

Anywhoooo...enough rambling from me.

Have a fantastic weekend ladies :)



  1. haha Think Not Drink is such a good motto! especially when saving up for make-up items! this set looks amazing!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. This set looks great! wish i hadnt spent all my money now haha!

  3. @Faye - haha, well, it would have been all good but there was a mix-up with one of the hotels so I ended up going over my overdraft to pay :( After getting all excited thinking I had spare money to treat myself. So now I have an increase and a bit of cash but more debt :-\

    I have hunted this down and bought it this evening with my extra borrowings :) Post to follow shortly ;-)

    @Zoe - Oh no, bad timing! I am going to save some money aside in anticipation of the Soap & Glory set, that's my main want :) Got a while yet for that one, just hope Boots don't keep bringing out such great Gifts of the Week as I will be in trouble haha!



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