Thursday, 27 October 2011

Boots Advantage Card Event

Last night was the Boots Advantage Card Event in Telford (tonight in Shrewsbury). I had decided I was not going to go and would save my money, BUT...I gave in and went to Telford last night, spent 1 hour and 35 mins in the store, wheeled a trolley cart round and came home with a bunch of goodies, including a few presents.

Boots kindly put out some little cups of orange juice, wine, bubbly and some chocolates. I just had a couple of cups of orange juice!

The deal was £12 of Advantage points for every £50 spent in store.

Now for what I bought...
Presents for Dad's Birthday and Mum for Christmas, and a few treats for myself!

Fearne Cotton Travel Compact £16

Liberty Art Hello Kitty Smoky Eye Kit £12

CUTE Flutterflies Photo Album £10 

Ted Baker Body Souffle £2.35
 Ted Baker Body Sprays (x2) £2.35 each
Collection 2000 Volume Sensation in Shade 02 Perfect Pink £2.99
Soap & Glory Hand Food £2.35

Soap & Glory mini's were 3 for 2, which I was told they weren't, then not told at till, that annoyed me a bit as I could have got another 2 products for just £2.35!

With all the 3 for 2's I saved a total of £20.35, which is great, plus I got £12 of points :) Though I spent £58 in store :-o

The event is also online, but you have to spend £75 to get £12 of points! Prior to this event, Boots held a £10 of points for every £50 spent in store, I am not sure if they will continue this after these special events, but keep an eye out ;-)

Anyone else take part in the Boots Advantage Card Event??



  1. You definitely did well girlie! Lots of lovely goodies. I'm just back from working at our store's Advantage Card Event, it was crazyyy ha x

  2. Love eveyrthing you got=))
    Im a new follower of your blog, be sure to check out my blog in return=).Xoxo

  3. You got some great things! I was reading the post thinking it was all going to add up to a massive price but £58, you did really well!

  4. @Kirsty - Thank you :) Haha, I can imagine! Luckily, the one I went to was on a retail park and was really quiet!

    @Mrs.S - Thank you for following :) I shall go have a nose at your blog now ;-)

    @Zoe - I could have got so much more...that place is so bad, I was thinking 'oh, if I spent £100 I would get £24 of points, and lots more nice stuff, but sadly I am low on cash :( Boo! Well, without the £20 saving this lot would have been a massive £78! Thank Boots for 3 for 2's :)


  5. Oo you got some great things! I'm waiting till December for Christmas shopping :)
    Lucy x

  6. Thanks Lucy :)
    I know, I think the rest of my Christmas shopping will have to wait until December now too!



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