Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Sunny Saturday Haul

Hey girlies :)

I am going to avoid writing a lot in this post, as it is quite photo heavy!
Today I went shopping at Merry Hill, I got a few things, and also saw lots I wanted (some of which is below!).
I will follow on from this post with a post on my new nail varnishes ;-)

Mint Carmex, £1.27 (Half Price)
Barry M Nail Effects Foil (I finally found one!), £3.99
Garnier Eye Make-up Remover, £1.50 (Half Price)
Garnier Mineral Roll-on Deodorant, 89p (Half Price)
Garnier invisimineral Spray Deodorant, 95p (Half Price) 

Half Price Garnier

I have tried this stuff and it is good, moisturising and not sticky! Though the minty smell and taste is very strong. I think that the strawberry or cherry flavour would be best.

3 for 2 on 17 nail varnishes :) and I found the Magnetized ones, woo!

I got the maxi skirt that I wanted :)
£25, River Island (as mentioned in a previous post)

Yes, the weather is currently hot and sunny, but I couldn't resist this for when the cold comes!
£12, Primark

And now for some snaps of a few things that I saw today and want :) But resisted buying!

I want a lot from Lush! Including the Candy Cane soap (front table), Northern Lights soap (neon one on same table) and not in this photo, Pow Wow lip scrub - bright green in colour, lovely smell and made from popping candy!!!

Soul Cal Boots, £29.99 from Republic

Boots with sheepskin style lining, £19.99 from New Look

Zebra dress, £39.99 Idol at New Look

Tunic, £17.99 from New Look

£20 from River Island

£15 from River Island

I saw a few other things I wanted too, but didn't get photos!

Up next, nail varnish post...



  1. That MTV top is great! Dam being too fat for River Island ahahha xx

  2. I haven't got to lush this weekend! Tut tut for a lush junkie like me with the xmas stuff out! :) Need to try the 17 nail polishes and get my hands on the mint carmex,
    Lucy xx

  3. @KissAndMakeUp00 - I am a size 16 usually but tried a 10 in the MTV top and it fit fine ;-) I'm sure you aren't too fat for RI!

    @Lucy - You must go! There is SO much I want! I can't resist visiting Lush stores when I see/smell one :) Love the post-Christmas/January sales, last year I got LOADS, looking forward to this years! I am considering doing my nails with 17 Sulk in a minute, I love it! and the mint Carmex is a good buy too.



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