Wednesday, 5 October 2011

More Nail Love :)

Hey girlie's :)

Yesterday I posted about my H&M Hello Kitty nail varnish...which I LOVE! I kept it on today at work and got comments on how bright and pink it was :) Perfect!

However, me being me, I fancied a change this evening, and also wanted to try out the other nail varnish I got from H&M, which was also in my 'Box of Unused Products'.

On my lunch break today, I drove up to Boots at the retail park to get some supplies (nothing exciting!) and also some nail varnish remover, forgetting they don't sell the type I usually use, Elegant Touch Super Strength. Though I had switched to their Moisture Balance nail varnish remover, which I was not keen on and couldn't wait to finish! I found the smell very over-powering and the product dried out my fingers.
So, today I decided to go for a new product, Sally Hansen Strengthening Polish Remover. Well...this stuff is marvelous!! Worked really well at removing my nail varnish and it smells really nice, like flowers! Now, a couple of washes later, my fingers still smell all floral :)

£2.45, Boots.

Now, to the nail varnish.

As mentioned above, I decided to try out my other H&M find, Minnie Mouse nail varnish. This is a gorgeous coral/pink colour and again, as with the Hello Kitty one yesterday, this is really smooth to apply, quick drying and shiny. At just £1.99, these are a must! I got them a couple of months back, but I am sure they will still have some :) There was also a Daisy Duck nail varnish, which was a pale grey colour, and another Hello Kitty one, which was a turquoise colour.

Hope you are all having a good week. It's Wednesday, mid-week, half way to the weekend, yay!



  1. that nail varnish is the CUTEST thing ever!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. I know :) I wanted to change my nail colour tonight but just can't remove this yet, it's too pretty!



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