Saturday, 1 October 2011

New Nail Candy: 17 A Woman Scorned, 17 Magnetized & Barry M Nail Effects Foil

Second post of the day :)

So, during today's shopping trip I was overly excited to have found both Barry M's Nail Effects Foil AND 17 Magnetized!! I picked up both of these, along with 2 nail varnishes from 17's new collection, A Woman Scorned.

Boots 3 for 2 :)
Fast Finish £2.99 each & Magnetized £5.99, but 1 of the FF's were FREE, yay.

Fast Finish 'Sulk' & 'Revenge' (A Woman Scorned)
Magnetized 'Blue'

Magnetized - 2 nails done, 1 in process of being painted before the magic happens :)

After the magic.

Magnetizing in progress.

I found it difficult to get a good photo, as the flash kept reflecting on my nails!

Pretty cool :)

The Fast Finish nail varnishes lived up to their name, Fast Finish. I am IN LOVE with Sulk, it is a gorgeous colour! However, I am not so keen on Revenge, it has a nice glitter in it but I am not overly excited by the colour. They apply smoothly and are not streaky, leaving a great finish.

Magnetized, well...where do I start? I love how this works and looks, and the colour is lovely. I did struggle with the whole thing though, which I imagine will improve in time! The problem was that you have to paint a nail, then put the lid back on, then hover the separate magnet (which can be removed from lid) over the nail before it dries so that the magic can happen. My sister ended up doing most of my nails. My main problem was that I kept touching my wet nail with the magnet, meaning the varnish got on the magnet, which will not come off, and I have made matters worse by trying to remove with nail varnish remover! See below.

Damaged magnet :-(

All my new nail varnishes :)

Sulk, Revenge & Gold Foil 

I also picked up the little information card for the A Woman Scorned collection, just because.

Barry M Nail Effects Foil in Gold:

£3.99 from Superdrug

Donna doing some nail modelling :)

This was difficult to photograph due to the shine and camera flash!

The Barry M Nail Effects Foil is smooth to apply and a lovely gold, though I am not sure on the 'foil effect', in comparison to a normal gold varnish I don't think there is a lot of difference.

I would recommend all of the above, in consideration of my comments. Though I would not buy the Fast Finish 'Revenge' again, just because I am not keen on the colour. I shall give the Magnetized another try again soon to see if I can have more luck second time round :)

There are also 3 other colours in the Magnetized collection: Gun Metal, Lilac and Teal, 1 other colour in the A Woman Scorned collection, Fury and a silver Barry M Nail Effects Foil.

Do you have any of the nail varnishes above? Or will you buy them now?

I hope my post gives you a good insight into these nail varnishes :)



  1. I realllly want that Gold Barry M one!!! I'm gonna hunt that down!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. I'm going to get the Barry M I think :)seen a few reviews and it looks lovely. xx

  3. @Faye - I was in my local Boots and Superdrug on my lunch break today and they both (finally) had them in! I got back to work and told my friend, who had seen I was wearing the gold today, so she headed straight up to get some, haha. There's always the Barry M website if you can't find elsewhere :)

    @KissAndMakeUp00 - Definitely go get some :) It is lovely, I liked it more after wearing fully today, though I did find it looked a tad streaky on close inspection... but nothing too serious!



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