Monday, 24 October 2011

Weekend Haulage :)

Hey girlies :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I did a bit of shopping in Telford and my hometown of Shrewsbury at the weekend, so thought I would share with you my findings :)


BAMBI!!! :)
Make-up bag £2.99
Perfume: £3.99 (smells amaze!)
Nail Varnish: £1.99
There are 2 colours in the make-up bags (and larger ones! £3.99) and also 2 colours in the nail varnish. The colours available are nude/grey pink and the greige(?) colour. There are also 2 lip gloss tins 'Pink Frosting' and 'Creme Brulee', priced at £1.99 each, I didn't get these as I have too many tins of lip gloss! Sensible, I know!

and the cute shea butter horsey hand care set: £1.99


Halloween Haul :)
Skullduggery £2.75
Lady Catrina: £3.30
Calacas: £2.95
I used my 10% voucher, which saved me about 90p, taking the total to £8.10.
Sadly no samples left when we went, but the guy was very helpful and myself and Aimee spent almost an hour in the shop :)
I also discovered the new Bubbleroons...the orange one is AMAZING!! BUT, I had my sensible head on and decided to wait and just get the Halloween collection. I will definitely be returning to buy that soon though :) Check it out!

Smells quite nice, just looks cool and I wanted the whole Halloween collection (excluding the Knot Wrap)

This is lovely lime smelling :)

I asked the guy to cut me as near to 100g as he could, as I was trying to stick to £10 Lush budget.

 This smells AMAZING! Like washing with Fruit Pastilles :)


Shoes: £1...yep, ONE POUND!! Down from £10/14, to £4, to £1!
Bracelet: £1, down from £2
Jewellery Organiser: £3 (will post more when I have filled this)

Sweet Memories (Retro Sweet Shop):
Sweet Goody Bag: £1.25
Sugar Mouse: 50p??

and my little Shrewsbury shop...

Barry M Purple Crackle Paint: £3.99
Barry M Spring Green: £2.99
(£1 off Barry M when you buy 2)
Children in Need Wristband: £1 (These are so cute and 57p goes to charity! Also available in black, blue and red)
and some Pink Smarties, doing a bit more for charity ;-) haha.

Nail post to come soon ;-)

The inside :)

Anyone else do any shopping at the weekend? Any good findings??



  1. Ive just realised you dont live far away from me at all...crazy!
    Oh god I wanna get my bum to lush buy my closest one is a bit of a mission away :(
    Lovely selection of bits!


  2. I love this!! makes me want to go shopping soooo badly!! you got some amazing bargains too!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Ahh i cant wait to go shopping now, you got some great things!

  4. I need to get to lush, for the bubbleroons and xmas, not taken by halloween, even the lush junkie in me isnt, the soap and jelly same as last year :/ jelly smells like whoosh. :D Great haul though.
    Lucy x

  5. @Liz - Really? Haha :) I know, it's annoying that there isn't one in Shrewsbury, but Telford is only about 10-15 mins drive away, which is my nearest Lush! There's always buying online ;-)

    @Faye - Thanks :) I seem to have made everyone want to go shopping, haha! Yes, I do love a bargain find :) I feel like I shouldn't have bought the shoes as I have hundreds of pairs...but they were £1, Primark made me!

    @Zoe - Thanks :) Shopping makes me way too happy, I need to stop using my wages!

    @Lucy - I am really considering going to get a Bubbleroon and some more bits at the weekend! I want pretty much the whole Christmas collection, but am going to wait a while to get it all! I know, I thought they could have brought out new products, but then I missed these last year and they smell yummy, so I can't complain :) Thanks!



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