Friday, 29 April 2011

The Wedding

Apparently there was a wedding today?...


So, today Prince William married Kate Middleton <3

I was on the way home from a holiday in London and Whitstable with my parents and sister this morning. We stopped by at a pub in Brentwood, Essex to watch on the way home. We hadn't planned to watch, but then got hyped up by all the media coverage and listening to Radio 1 and decided to stop and the nearest pub. We arrived JUST in time, as Kate began the long walk down the aisle.

I must say, I struggled to hold the tears back, Kate looked stunning, the dress was amazing, William looked lovely and the whole wedding was beautiful <3

I went patriotic through my nail art today, a Union Jack design on my 'ring finger'.

Whilst away on holiday I joined in with the Royal memorabilia craze and bought a few things...not the standard commemorative plates, mugs or flags though...

Barbie crop top <3 Miss Selfridge (Selfridges, London) - excuse the shadow!

A novelty, comedy item!!

Nails Inc 'Kate' nail polish <3 

I did a tad bit of spending whilst away, including the above (went a bit over my budgets!!), I shall try to blog about my hauls tomorrow ;-)


p.s. I now have a new laptop! My Acer was now 7 years old and useless, so I treated myself. This should now make blogging, photo uploading and EVERYTHING easier, therefore meaning I shall be able to actually blog, yayness!

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