Monday, 21 February 2011


On Friday I was a very excited girly when a delivery arrived at the office, just 26 hours after ordering!


I opened the box to find bright yellow Selfridges packaging. It looks nice and everything but now I am left to dispose of the vast amount of paper that came in the box. (I work at an environmental consultancy and run the company recycling website, so I notice these things!).

Packaging (the products are the small package in the middle!)

On opening the yellow packaging to reveal the Wonder Woman packaging I love I was even more excited.

The lipsticks looked darker in the tubes, but when I swatched them they came out light, phew!


Above is me wearing Spitfire. Excuse the make-up being not-so-fresh and slight smudging under eyes, I had just got home from a night out in town and couldn’t wait any longer to try Spitfire!

Russian Red – I worried about this as I thought it might be really red and clash with my hair, therefore being abandoned until I change my hair colour BUT…I was pleasantly surprised! It is a nice red, which I think went quite nicely with the purple hair.

I wore this for a random day out yesterday and it stayed for the whole few hours I was out exploring old airfields in woodland, until I had to wipe it off when it came to eating my tea J. The next test was staining, but the lipstick was not too resistant to a good old make-up removed wipe. The lipstick did feel quite dry on my lips after a while, but nothing a gloss wouldn’t fix.

Overall I am very impressed with the lipsticks and still plan to purchase Marquise’d and the Mighty Aphrodite powder blush next Thursday when MAC release the collection J If I can get my hands on the blusher before it sells out again!



  1. love your hair! vist me at
    Jade xx

  2. Thank you! :)
    I am changing it tonight...going 'Chocolate Truffle' colour! Really like the colour of yours, may add it to my 'hair colour wishlist' haha.


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