Thursday, 17 February 2011

MAC Wonder Woman

The wait is over! MAC Wonder Woman collection was released today at Selfridges. I was unaware of the early release exclusively to Selfridges until I spotted a status on Selfridge's Facebook yesterday, so I had to use my last bit of money, my savings! Pay day Monday, could have been sooner ideally...

However, the collection is to be released at MAC on 3rd March, so that's 2 weeks more waiting, saving and hoping that the other bits I want are in stock!

I think the whole collection is quite cool looking, and I am particularly a fan of the packaging, the boxes are so cute! How sad does that sound??? Due to the prices though I am only planning to get a few items.

The items on my Wish List are:

Mighty Aphrodite Powder Blush
Marquise d' Lipstick (left on picture below)
Tote Bag and/or T-Shirt

Today I bought 2 lipsticks. I intended to buy the Mighty Aphrodite Powder Blush but it was out of stock by 9:00am!! I have had a look on Selfridges just now and quite a few of the products have sold out!
The lipsticks I got were Russian Red and Spitfire (middle 2 on picture below). Both look gorgeous and I can't wait to receive them, now I have to wait impatiently until the Estimated Delivery Date of 24th February...1 whole week to wait, sob!

I hate when pay day is after the weekend, it means the weekend is always a struggle on next to no money, and in the case of this weekend, I would have loved to go to Selfridges to see the products and display but that's not happening with my non-existant funds :-(
I am considering using my final days leave from work (until end of leave year, end March) to book off the release date, 3rd March and make an early morning trip to Birmingham, Liverpool or Manchester. After all, I've been wondering how to use that 1 last day up! It'll be Deja Vu of my experience when the first Paul's Boutique Barbie bags came out...ooooh what a fun time I had that day... But I came home with 3 bags (2 for me and 1 for my sister), as well as a big grin on my face :-D

Also, whilst having a quick peak on the USA MAC website the homepage displayed a large photo of Gaga, advertising the new Viva Glam Gaga II, just released today in America...that may be added to my Wish List for whenever it arrives over here. Nice colour and money goes to help AIDS. I still want the first Viva Glam Gaga but haven't got round to buying it yet. My MAC collection is growing slowly, started with the AMAZING Disney Venomous Villains Maleficent Violetta lipstick, then Nicki Minaj Pink Friday, now Wonder Woman. Addiction ahead??????

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