Sunday, 13 February 2011

Paw Print Nails & OOTD Post

I admit...I really am rubbish at keeping this blog up to date!! BUT, I do have valid reasons, those being that uploading photos is currently a painful process!

My phone connector does not work, neither does the internet on my laptop, or the memory card readers on the family computer...SO, to upload photos I have to put them from memory card on to work laptop, then burn to discs, then get on the computer when it is free and upload. With hundreds and thousands of photos this takes a LONG time. I hate it : ( I should be getting an iPhone 4 this week on upgrade (YAY!), plus I plan to buy myself a new laptop soon. So then I will be happy, photos will get uploaded to my Facebook more often and this blog SHOULD be up to date ; )

Aaanyway, enough of the blah blah blah...

Today I got creative with my nails. Finally using my Rio nail art kit I got for Christmas and a pretty easy design...paw prints!

This is what I used to create this design. Nail art pen from Rio nail art kit, and Barry M Mushroom.

Today I decided to wear animal print, to go with the paws ; ) I am bored of wearing leggings and jeggings so decided to get the Maxi skirt out, teamed with a belt I have had since I was about 13...and haven't used since then! Same applies with the corduroy handbag.

I planned to go shopping in Telford, but due to lack of funds and the rubbish weather I didn't, so instead just went to the retail park and bought a nail varnish from Boots with my Advantage Points...don't you love them?! I got 17 Lasting Fix in Midnight Sapphire. I will blog about this when I test it (I can't right now due to the paw prints).

As you can see...I am no longer blonde! So my blog name currently doesn't quite fit anymore, but deep down I am blonde and always will be! And I shall return to blonde, I just fancied a change, and a DRASTIC one at that! Post about purpleness to follow soon...

Zoe xx

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