Sunday, 27 May 2012

Soap & Glory Haul and a Summery Sunday Summary

On Friday night, whilst heading to Cardingmill Valley, I stopped by Boots at the retail park. I had seen on Soap & Glory's Facebook page after work, that a new product has been released, Rich and Foamous...


There was 1 bottle left, hidden behind some other products!

As there was a 3 for 2 offer on, I just couldn't resist. Bye bye Download Festival spending money...

So, I picked up Rich & Foamous, Scrub Actually and Breakfast Scrub, none of which I have tried yet. Apparently Rich & Foamous is a good accompaniment to Breakfast Scrub. Technically, Rich & Foamous was free with Boots 3 for 2 offer! Total for all 3 products £16.50.

I'm looking forward to trying these and will report back my review :)

I also got a free gift bag, so cute! I picked one up that just had a text design, then my sister spotted this super-cute design, so I swapped all my goodies to this bag!

and the No7 £5 vouchers are now back, incase anyone is a No7 fan :)

Excuse flash.

As I was heading to pay, trying to avoid spotting anything else, I set my eyes on another Soap & Glory product that I hadn't actually seen before, Peaches and Clean. I decided to leave it and save my money...

Fast forward to the next day...

Yesterday, my sister and I went to Telford to do some shopping, mainly for Download essentials and to go to see the Lush Compounders on Tour and make our own bath bomb, more about this soon! I'll do a combined post about that and today's Lush Clipper Facemask Workshop :) I've had 2 days of making Lush goodies, which we got to keep, free! Yay :) Thanks Lush!
So, I ended up purchasing Peaches and Clean! I was going to do the 3 for 2 again but couldn't decide which other 2 products to get and I needed to save my money.

If you follow me on Twitter (@ameliasallsorts), you may have read that I was very very unwell yesterday, I wasn't sure any of this weekend's plans would happen but I survived, hoorah. Never want to eat fish again, I can only assume it was Friday night's fish! I've completely lost my appetite though, I'm just craving fruit and ice lollies...

Today, my sister and I went to Manchester to the mentioned Lush Clipper Facemask Workshop and for a little shop. I got a few things, more Download money a-bye-bye... Not doing very well here. Haul post soon...

As I keep mentioning Download and will more than likely mention it a lot more over the next week and 3 days, I should warn... excitement levels are very high and continue to rise! One week Wednesday, Download Festival, OH YEAH!

That's all for now, rambled on way too much in this post.

I'm currently chilling, enjoying the cooler weather, with Gaymers Pear Cider with Raspberry (YUM) and Kings of Leon playing on the stereo <3 Bliss.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!



  1. I want that cider NOW! haha and all the soap & glory products xx

    1. It's so nice!! and the cans are perfectly sized :) I'm looking forward to trying the products tomorrow, yay xx

  2. Kings Of Leon 'Back Down South' ♥ Was listening to that the other day while sunbathing,it's such a summery song even though I never hear it on the radio that often,but I love it :) Oh and Soap&Glory have the best body products ever,the smell of the Righteous Butter is amazing!


    1. I love it :) Saw them last summer at their open-air gig in Manchester Cricket Ground <3 Their songs are not played enough on radio, only ever hear Sex on Fire and Use Somebody. That's why I love Kerrang, they play other tracks :)
      I know, their products are SO yummy! Loving Rich & Foamous!


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