Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Soap & Glory: Rich & Foamous Reviewed

In my last post I revealed my weekend Soap & Glory haul to you all, including the brand spanking new product, Rich & Foamous.

Now, I review :)

Firstly, OMG - AMAZING!

I could leave it at that, REALLY, but I will give you more...

What Soap & Glory say:
Almond and honey milks, oat extract, and our soft and frothy M-SUDS™ MoistureBoost system leave skin clean, supple and irresistibly scented. The next best thing to waking up to the smell of fresh baking is taking a shower with RICH & FOAMOUS™ Body Wash. Super creamy, ultra sudsy, conditioning on dry skin, it's everything you ever wanted in a wash. 

What I say:
This is seriously good stuff!
The scent in so good, different from previous Soap & Glory scents and very edible smelling. I saw a couple of comments before going out to purchase this where people slated Rich & Foamous and comments that the scent was too much but I really like it. I don't find it overwhelming and think that it is the perfect level of smelliness! Don't let the bad reviews put you off, at least go have a sniff in store, you'll probably like it.
It lathers loads. So you don't even need to use much, meaning it will last a long time.
Leaves skin feeling oh so soft and scented.
The usual fab packaging that you would expect from Soap & Glory, with all their quirky glory :)
The bottle has a pump, which I find great to get control and just the right/desired amount of product.

This is a dual-use shower and bath body wash.

Rich & Foamous is said to be the perfect accompaniment to Breakfast Scrub, so I also purchased that as part of the 3 for 2 offer at Boots.

This morning's shower consisted of a scrub down with Breakfast Scrub (oh how good it is!), then lathering up with Rich & Foamous. I was intrigued to try my new Scrub Actually too, and as I didn't have a face wash to hand, I decided to use just a little Scrub Actually on my did good, my face felt fresh and soft! Considering it isn't for the face. I washed my hair with my current fave shampoo and conditioner, which you can read about here.
When I got home from work, I gave my tootsies a freshen up with some Scrub Actually too.

If you haven't tried Soap & Glory (are you crazy?!), you must!

Definitely one of my fave brands, along with Lush, of course :)
Who doesn't love smelling all sweet and fresh?!

Rich & Foamous is £6.50 (500ml) from Boots and is included on the 3 for 2 offer.

After first trying Rich & Foamous yesterday, it was driving me mad that I recognised the scent and couldn't quite pinpoint what it smelt like, I figured it was a perfume, but which? After a while of sitting there, smelling and wondering, I got it...
Viva La Juicy! One of my favourite <3
The scent it similar, I think anyway. If anyone else agrees, please let me know :)

Have you tried Rich & Foamous?
Will you be going out to buy?



  1. Never tried it but you have just persuaded me! :P I loveee Soap & Glory - will definately be grabbing some - didnt know it was included in the 3 for 2! xx

    1. Haha, as soon as I saw it on the S&G Facebook page the other day I just had to go try it and buy :) Me too, I've never had a product anything less than great by them! Yes, it's on 3 for 2, so now you need to decide what other 2 products to get, dilemma! My Boots had free gift bag offer too (see my previous post), so cute! Should be the same at other Boots stores, so you'll not only get 3 for 2 but a free gift bag tooooo xx

  2. I love soap and glory soo much - the products always smell divine and tehy actually work! I love their hand food hand cream, it;s the best i've ever used. Would love you to check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other :)

    1. Me too :) I agree! There's a lot of Soap & Glory imitations coming out recently in supermarkets and shops but none ever smell as good! My sister recently tried a body scrub by a brand that style their products similar to S&G but she said it was horrible! No-one can top S&G's products for overall greatness! I love Hand Food too :) I recently purchased Hand Maid and I'm addicted to it, it may cost more than other hand sanitisers but OMG it is worth it!!
      I'll check out your blog now, it'd be great if you could follow me :) xx


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