Monday, 6 August 2012

A Geeky Ramble About Decay

Random post from me tonight but I just had to blog about the programme I just watched.

After Life: The Strange Science of Decay on BBC Four.

Presented by Dr George McGavin.

Truly interesting stuff!

Hello, geek B)

There was a box in which a house/kitchen and garden scene were set up, with food etc left out as part of the experiment.
The cameras recorded over two months.
The time lapses were brilliant.

I found some parts of the programme difficult to watch, being very squeamish towards things like mould and rot. Human beings revulsion toward maggots and decay in general was discussed. People were put to the test on the show. I sat and watched on with my hand over my mouth and a look of concern on my face.
I personally struggled to watch the close-up shots of the maggots writhing in the decaying food, especially the fish.

The hog roast was also difficult to watch O.o

The flies getting drunk on the rotten/fermented food was entertaining. Around 10 THOUSAND flies in the box room, wow.

Slime mould, strange stuff.

Forensic investigations were mentioned, when Dr George McGavin went to a location where 65 pigs had been left to decay in different conditions. The decay of the pigs helps in working out times of death, helpful with forensics.

Two beetles were caught on camera taking a rat down into a 'crypt' in the soil.  Dr George McGavin then dug the 'crypt' out and revealed the remains of the rat, just some skull and teeth.

The whole programme really fascinated me. I love things like this.
I'd much rather watch an interesting and informative documentary, than a show like TOWIE or Big Brother.

Whilst I am having a moment, I'd also like to say, how cool is it that NASA landed the Curiosity rover on Mars this morning?!
I think that's pretty awesome.

That's all for now, if anyone actually reads this, I will be surprised and grateful.

For those who are now intrigued, there is more on the BBC Four website.

Any other documentary fans out there?
Anyone else have a little geek side? :)


Geek glasses, 2010 B-)


  1. This sounds like a really interesting programme, I might try and watch it on iplayer if I have the time :) x

    1. It was ;) Let me know if you get round to watching it! xx


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