Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Weekend in Outfits #5

Hello lovelies

So this past weekend, I was lucky enough to have 4 whole blissful days off.
Friday I booked off work, I don't work weekends and Monday was Bank Holiday, joy!
I wanted to make the most out of my long weekend and fill it with funtimes :)

I decided to do another Weekend in Outfits post, to share with you all.
There's also NOTD's in here, as you all probably know by now, I love nail polish!
(This is a little pic/diary heavy...)

Friday: Town with Mum and sister
Friday was pretty chilled, headed in to town with mum and Donna. Had a little look round some shops, then got a Costa. Double Chocolate Creamy Cooler, yum.

Metallica top: And Finally at Topshop
Leggings: Primark
Spiked pumps: Primark (new, LOVE these!)
Wristbands: Download, Hard Rock Calling and my sister :)
Bag: Paul's Boutique
NOTD: Barry M Magnetics in Cosmic Glow

Saturday: Birmingham and Merry Hill
Saturday I was going to go to London but after much debate with myself, I decided to go to Birmingham, followed by Merry Hill Shopping Centre.
I went alone, as no-one seemed to want to do anything!
Had a great day :)
Did some shop browsing in the Bullring, then discovered The Square shopping centre, near the old Carling/O2 Academy, where my sister and I enjoyed many a gig in the past and lots of front row/all day queueing times! and meeting bands...and JARED LETO.
During my drive to Birmingham, rocking out to Kerrang Radio, they mentioned the Festival of Independents, which is currently on every weekend for a month or so. I decided to go check it out, in The Square. Micro-mini festival set up and a little stage with free live music. I stopped by and enjoyed the break from the rain, sat down and watched a really good band, Of Kings and Captains :)
I also discovered an amazing shop, The Oasis. Full of alternative fashion, vintage, tattoos, everything.
(It also appears to be where all the cute guys are at!)
I then had a nice walk around Digbeth, taking photos and exploring the cool graffiti, before heading to the Custard Factory, my old raving/stomping ground.
Oh, how I miss H.T.I.D Summer Gathering raves at the Custard Factory, raving until 6am, those were some of the best times!
Now, the Custard Factory houses a lot of shops, mostly vintage/retro - very cool.
After Birmingham, I took a drive to Merry Hill and did a little shopping there.

If you are ever in Birmingham, I recommend checking out The Oasis (in The Square) and the Custard Factory (in Digbeth) :)

Black crop tee: Primark
Lace tunic vest: Primark
Leggings: Primark
Studded pumps: Primark
(I think there's a pattern here...)
Necklace: Topshop (£1.50 from £16.50 or something crazy!)
Rose gold cross ring: River Island (only £2.50!)
NOTD: GOSH Holographic Hero

Sunday: Road Trip: The Lone Adventurer Does North Wales
Sunday ended up being a totally crazy awesome day and night!
All by myself, again :)
Started off not knowing where to go/what to do.
Jumped in my car, started driving, considered driving to Reading and finding a ticket for the fest BUT figured that would be way too expensive.
Ended up going to Chirk, had a nice walk along the Aqueduct from Wales to England and back to Wales...
Drove to look at Chirk Castle...
Popped to Llangollen, had a little wander and grabbed a goats cheese tart for lunch...
Stopped by Chester for a quick walk round, taking snaps and went up on the clock bridge...
Then, the main event...
I went to check out the new graffiti (street art) on the Duke of Lancaster Funship in Llanerch-y-mor/Mostyn, North Wales. Amazing scenes!
I had one of those over-excited 'I CAN SEE THE SEA!!' moments to myself...
So decided to continue up North Wales coast...
Drove on to the beach in Talacre, mistake. Quickly reversed before getting stuck!...
Then visited Rhyl, where I got a Slush Puppie, had a walk and played on an arcade grabber...
I then decided to be crazy and drive 30 minutes further to Conwy...
Sadly just missed sunset but Conwy looked beautiful all lit up, it is a stunning place...
Had a walk round Conwy and grabbed some seaside chips...
Started to drive back, then went crazy and drove across to Llandudno...
 9:45pm, I parked up on Llandudno Prom and had a quick walk, taking in the moment...
I eventually drove 2 hours home, arriving home at Midnight.
That was a great road trip!

MTV crop: River Island
Black tunic vest: H&M
Leggings: Primark
Faux leather jacket: New Look
Boots: Asda
Bag: Paul's Boutique
NOTD: Barry M Magnetic Polish in Neptune Sea

Monday: Lazy Day
I woke up at 2pm, after a mammoth 12 hour sleep.
Went to the retail park, bought The Lucky One, as it had just been released, Helloooo Zac Efron.
I then got a Berry Hibiscus from Starbucks, yum.
and finally, I picked up my friend Burton and we went to visit our friend Jamie :)

Tee: Topshop (hand-me-down from sister due to her new skinniness!)
Maxi: Select
White pumps (not shown): Primark


So, there's my Weekend in Outfits.
I had a really good Bank Holiday weekend, despite spending the majority of it alone!
The likeliness of getting any of my friends to do anything that involves fun and getting out of town is highly unlikely, so I don't let that hold me back, I go ahead with my adventures :)
It's amazing how much fun it can be!
One of the best parts is being able to sing to your hearts content whilst driving, as loud and as bad as you wish!!

If you'd like to see my previous WiO posts...

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, whether you were off or working :)



  1. Wow what a fab weekend! I admire that you drove all that way for a road trip by yourself sounds like something I would love to do! Also you are brave tackling Birmingham and Merry Hill on the same day u must have been exhausted! X

  2. It was :) Thank you! Well, I decided I wasn't going to stay in just because no-one would do anything, so I went ahead and did my adventures alone. I did enjoy it! Definitely be doing more lone ventures! Yes, well, not too bad, thankfully neither were that busy really. I didn't buy much either, just a few little bits! Hope you had a good weekend :) xx

  3. Totally agree about singing in the car, I belt the tunes out haha! I love that Topshop feather necklace, wish I'd bought it when it was in my store :( and that GOSH nail polish is amaaaaazing! xxx

    1. Haha, good to hear from someone who does the same :) I did think, I wonder what people think when I drive past, singing my heart out!! Not that I care what they think :-p I went from rocking out to Guns 'N' Roses, to belting out club classics!
      Thanks :) I couldn't believe when I saw it for £1.50! and the GOSH polish is, love holographic polish! I saw swatches and heard it wasn't as holographic as the original one but it is still very holographic, just takes a few coats, as did the original! They are on 3 for 2 in Superdrug atm ;) xx

  4. Hi, just discovered your blog through twitter! I agree - you can't have too much nail polish :) Following you now! x

    1. Hey, ahh cool :D Thank you! Haha, very true indeed! People keep asking 'haven't you got enough?' noooo, there are so many more I want and more will continue to be released and my collection will grow!


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