Thursday, 28 February 2013

Seventeen (17) Rock Hard Nail Effects Review

Last Saturday afternoon, after a morning of hill walking and running, followed by spending 50 minutes of my precious time on the phone to Orange, I became bored, in need of a plan. Time was getting on... So, I decided to drive to Westfield Merry Hill, on a lone adventure to 'browse' shops, NO SPENDING!
(As you can already tell, I failed!).
The centre was open 'til 7pm, so after just over an hours drive, I arrived with an hour and a half left to 'browse'. I went to Boots, to admire all the lovely make-up and noticed that Seventeen (formerly 17) have released their own version of textured nail polish, Rock Hard Nail Effects.
I recently reviewed one of Barry M's new textured polishes, which was great. The difference with Seventeen's offering is that they are more dark, edgy, rock chick shades, as opose to Barry M's pretty spring/summer girly shades.
I had to own one, or two...
I stood there a while, deciding between black and grey (there is also red and navy but they didn't appeal to me), before realising that there was an offer. Oh, an offer. Now I must buy both! Such has been the situation with the previous 4 nail polishes that I purchased recently. Sucker for an offer.
I had just under £10 of Advantage Points, hoorah! This made a guilt-free purchase.
£3.99 each, or buy 1 get 1 half price. So I paid £5.98 of points for both.

Here's some photos of both shades:
Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effects - amazing!
This polish is perfect, creating eye-catching, edgy, dark, rock chick, gothic nails.
The polish feels more gritty than Barry M's Textured Nail Paint, but in a good way. You can also tell it is grittier. The end result is more matte than Barry M.
Just as the bottle says 'Matte textured nails in just 2 coats!'
Application is great, so smooth to apply, fast and only 2 coats required!!
Strangely, when I was applying the polish, it had a scent different to normal nail polish, quite a pleasant scent...

More photos:
I'm really loving the whole textured nail thing and think that it will be big news this year!
It's great that more purse-friendly brands like Seventeen and Barry M are releasing them, as a cheaper but equally as good version of more high-end brands offerings.

What do you think of textured nails?

An update for anyone who read my Barry M Textured Nail Paint review - the polish was fine to remove, I was pleasantly surprised. I did worry it might be a nightmare, like glitters are but no, all good :)
Seventeen's textured polishes are also pretty easy to remove, as I took the black off last night to try the grey!

Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effects are available now on Boots website and instore.



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  3. this looks so cool - cant wait to try x

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