Monday, 4 March 2013

Models Own Mirrorball 'Dancing Queen' Polish

Another nail review today. I've been going a bit nail polish crazy recently!

A few weeks ago, I made a last minute lone trip to Manchester. I had considered going, then on the day, my friend from Newcastle phoned to say that he was going to watch the Man United match, so I decided to have a day out and go catch up :)

Whilst he watched the match, I went to browse the shops of Manchester. Manchester is pretty good for shops and I particularly love Affleck's (formerly Affleck's Palace). If you are ever in Manchester, definitely go check it out. The Northern Quarter is a very cool place.
Me being me, 'browsing' always ends up with a naughty treat or 2...

So, whilst in Boots, I decided to pick up a nail polish as a little treat. I did actually go in for shower gel, so I got some Soap & Glory Clean Girls too.
I chose Models Own Mirrorball polish in Boogie Nights but I've always wanted Dancing Queen too, so I stood there, deciding which to get, before putting one down, then realising that there was an offer, buy 1 get one half price, PERFECT! I picked Boogie Nights back up and headed for the tills.

I'm a massive fan of glittery nails and the Mirrorball collection is really something else!
Each polish has a variety of different shades and shapes of glitter in a clear base polish.
I already have Freak Out!, which I bought when they first came out last year.
I will review Boogie Nights soon.

Dancing Queen:
I usually layer this type of polish on top of black, as I love black nails and it seems the most obvious choice of base colour but with Dancing Queen, I decided to switch it up and try it over a nude shade, Nails Inc Kate from the LE Royal Wedding polish collection. I love the end result.
This is Nails Inc Kate alone:

I must say, I found application of Dancing Queen rather tricky! I only used 1 coat, so the coverage was great. However, the polish was very gloopy and also took a long time to try. You can see on the photos that it doesn't quite look perfect, there are bubbles and hair strand marks across the polish. I'm guessing I have polish and glitter somewhere in my hair but I can't see any...

I didn't have this issue with Freak Out and Boogie Nights. Whilst they were not overly smooth to apply, they were nowhere near as troublesome as Dancing Queen. I did wonder whether it was down to the base of Nails Inc Kate polish but I could see how gloopy/sticky Dancing Queen was when opening the bottle.

Despite the application and the little imperfections, that are not visible without close inspection, this is a lovely polish. A colleague commented on them today, saying "GOOD NAILS!" and both my mum and sister complimented them last night. I think Dancing Queen and Nails Inc Kate go great together and look good with a clawed nail.

Models Own polishes are available in Boots and online at

Have you tried Models Own Mirrorball nail polish?
Has anyone else had the gloop issue?



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