Monday, 8 April 2013

#NorthMeetUp Blogger Event

On Sunday 7th April, I attended the #northmeetup at Revolution, Deansgate, Manchester.

Em Sheldon from Em Talks organised the event, well done girl, you did an amazing job!

The event was so popular, there was a waiting list, as the venue was filled to capacity after us eager bloggers emailed Em immediately after finding out about the event!

As I didn't know anyone, a few of us bloggers arranged to meet up before the event. We got in touch via Twitter and arranged to meet at Victoria Station.

Photo: Capital FM
 I'm very grateful to the girls for waiting a little longer for me to get there. Like the White Rabbit, I'm always running late...
Manchester is over 1 hour and 40 minutes drive for me, but it's the closest event that I think will ever exist. There's not much blogging going on in Shropshire. I don't know of any bloggers that live here!

Walking down the stairs in to Victoria Station, nervous but excited, it was easy to spot the bloggers, the group of glamorous girlies! We all got on instantly, which was great :)
There were 7 of us, myself and Rachael Claire of From Rachael Claire, Francesca of The Mummy Diaries, Cat Dickinson of cllrs, Joanna of Minty Essence, Sabina of Fashernably Late and last but not least, Megan of Life and Lipsticks
All the girls have fantastic blogs and most have blogged about the event, so check them out :)

We caught the free(!) bus to the venue, Revolution in Deansgate Locks, then headed upstairs to the event. We could barely get up there, it was SO packed.

There were lots of talks throughout the afternoon, from various brands, goodies, Krispy Kreme and cupcakes with #bbloggers on them - so cool!

The girls all enjoyed 2-4-1 cocktails, which looked so tasty but unfortunately, I was on the Diet Coke's, as I drove to Manchester. The Strawberry Daiquiri's looked so good. But it's OK, I'll have one when the girls and I meet for cocktails very soon :)

I was particularly intrigued by Glam Glow and Xen-Tan, after the interesting talk by Natalie Roche, Founder of Skin Solutions UK. Natalie ran through the products and I must say, as a fake tanning virgin, it did raise some interest from me!

It was a great event for bloggers to meet, share interests and have a fun girly afternoon.

I was very surprised when I heard people calling out "Zoe?", then realised that Em had picked my name out of a glass to win a prize. Rachael won almost straight after me too, so we headed to the bar to pick our prizes. We both chose the John Frieda boxes, which were filled with amazing goodies!

Along with all the other goodies, at the end we were given the main goodie bag, a HUGE bag of goodies. I was so happy when I opened it once I got home! Like a child at Christmas. There are lots of products I can't wait to try and some I've wanted to try for a while now, so no doubt I'll be blogging about some of these!

Thank you to Em for organising and hosting a fab event, to all the brands and to the lovely bloggers that I met. I can't wait to meet all the girls for cocktails very soon :) and hopefully there will be another event in the near future!

Blouse (over plain black vest): Primark (yes, Primark!)
Faux leather pleated skirt: Primark
Tights: Asda
Pumps: Take a guess... Primark! £6 on sale.
Bag: Juicy Couture (I finally used it, after storing it under my bed for 1 year and almost 4 months!)
Nails: Accessorize 'Fudge'

(Excuse the missing apostrophe, oops. Having so much fun, I forgot my punctuation! Plus the button that I pulled off my blouse in the rush to leave for Manchester is hanging off, I stitched it back on securely, clearly!)



  1. Lovely post! Can't believe we won a prize,'woohoo!!
    We definitely need to meet ASAP, enjoy some cocktails! A strawberry daiquiri or 2 ;) xxx

    1. Thank you :) I know, so worth the arm work out, haha! Yes, I can't wait, it'll be great fun. Maybe 3? Haha xx

  2. Great post! I couldn't believe how packed it was in there, hectic! sounds like you really enjoyed it :) xx

    1. Thank you!! I know, it was crazy. The girls and I could barely get in when we arrived! I did :) It was great fun. I really hope there is another sometime soon xx

  3. I love your blouse! This sounds like a great event xx

    1. Thank you :) Good ol' Primark! It was a great event xx


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