Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Primark Mini OPI Minnie Mouse Dupes

Remember OPI's Minnie Mouse collection? How about dupes at just £2 for 4 polishes?!
During my 18 polish spree in Newcastle last month, I was rather excited to find these super-cute nail polish minis in Primark. I had to have them. I also got another set, which I am about to try out.

The set includes 4 polishes: a bright Barbie pink, a shimmery darker pink, a reddish pink and a light pink glitter filled with hearts.

Primark's mini sets are a bargain, at only £2 for 4 polishes, you can't really go wrong. I never imagined they would be so good though, very impressed!

I decided to use all 4 polishes and created a lovely, cute look:

I will say, the hearts were a 'mare to apply! They just would not stay on the brush, so were difficult to get out. That is my only issue with the set.
Quick drying, with a great finish and just 2 coats used!

This is my second set of Primark mini polishes and both have been really really surprising in how good the polishes are, especially at such a bargain price.

£2 for 4 mini (6ml) polishes


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