Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Life's Little Updates

Hello, Hi, Howdy :)

It's been some time...

Lots going on in my life of recent times; holiday, my grandad's passing, funeral and wake, redundancy risk at work (ok now), money problems, good times, bad times, drunk times, life.
(and too much thinking about tattoos...)

Blogging has been at the back of my mind, though not forgotten, as I'm always thinking 'I must blog/I need to blog about this and that'.

This post is just a little update, sharing some things and all that.

Firstly, Halloween has been and gone. We spent 6 hours travelling home from our holiday in Great Yarmouth and after a nap, I really wasn't feeling up for going out but didn't want to miss Halloween.

I went as Beetlejuice (or Beetlejuicy, maybe...)

The following day was Day of the Dead. I had the day off, a lazy day. So I woke up and painted my face, as you do...
I was then gutted to find out this week, that I had been invited to Schwarzkopf's Ultra Brights event, which was on that Thursday and I could have gone, as I was off work but didn't see the email until this week, so gutted about that!

On to the hair...
The Raspberry Rebel has faded out a lot now, after about 10+ washes.
I am once again rocking multi-coloured hair but am still getting compliments, strange.

Just a holiday snap:
I felt like Ariel for a moment :)

Download Festival
More announcements came this week...
I was already extremely happy with the headline acts: Slipknot, Iron Maiden and Rammstein.
Then they announced:
Queens of the Stone Age, Thirty Seconds To Mars, THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM, Motorhead, HIM and Alice in Chains
and one extra on Scuzz TV...
A Day To Remember!!! This made me (and a lot of people, judging on comments and the UK Twitter Trending!) very very happy. I love ADTR.
Some good acts announced, I did a sad little scream and got all 2007 me excited when they said 30 Seconds to Mars. I've seen them 8(?) times in the past, 5 in 2007 when I first discovered them. I've met the band (Hello, Jared Leto!!) a few times, one of my best memories. and I've been impatiently awaiting them to return with tour and new material. I CAN NOT WAIT.

So, tonight I fell asleep on my bed, then came online to discover a few exciting things...

1. Disney have a new Wizard of Oz movie out, Oz The Great and Powerful. March 8th 2013 UK people :)


So, I've planned my trip online, haha! £1672.35 each for 2 people, 2 weeks in July (my birthday included!!), including flights, Little Mermaid room and 14 day Disney Ultimate Park Pass. I NEED TO GO.

3. Talia Castellano, YouTube.
I've just watched a couple of videos but plan to watch more when I have some time.
Talia is 13 years young and fighting 2 types of cancer; MDS and Nueroblastoma. She describes makeup as her 'wig', a way of making her happy and inspiring others.
Truly inspirational and a beautiful girl, check out her YouTube channel.

That's all for now, hope you are all well.

I've got some Batiste reviews to get up, so I'll try get those on this week :) YAY for new Batiste!



  1. I'm really sorry to hear about you Grandad, and I hope that your holding up alright, if you need someone to talk to (despite me being a stranger) feel free to drop me a line :). 30 Seconds to Mars are amazing live aren't they, I first saw them last year and am totally psyched to go and see them again soon!!! How awesome do you look as beetle juice, i love it.
    Take care,
    Becky xx

    1. Thank you! I'm ok now, he had a nice send off, so I think that's helped us all. Thanks :)
      Oh, I know, I love them!! Well, hopefully they'll do more shows next year, what with Download and new material coming out, yay!
      Thanks, it was kind of a last min idea as I love the movie, was lacking money then thought about my striped top and blazer (not shown but I wore that too) and based my costume around that!

  2. Aww im so sorry to hear about your grandad, hope you ok, stay strong me lil chicken thinking of you. OMG just how amazing is that little mermaid hotel, i NEEDDDDDDD to gooooo x x

    1. Thanks lovely :) I'm ok now, it was just a real shock when he passed away :(
      I know, I really need to go! I'd be in heaven :D
      Hope you are well xx

  3. So sorry about your granddad.

    The Mermaid looks absolutely amazing!!

    1. Thank you :)
      It does! I have to go!! It will bring me eternal happiness haha.

  4. You look amazing! Great makeup! Xx


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