Sunday, 25 November 2012

OOTD: Sunshine

T-shirt: KIGH via Ebay (£2.18!)| Leggings: Tesco| Denim shirt: Primark via my sister| Platform trainers: Vintage from when I was 11 years old!| Bag: Tarina Tarantino
Yes, I decided to be crazy and wear the Spice Girl trainers that I have stored away for the past 14 years!

Today I've had a chilled out day. Woke up, had some yummy Quorn stew and dumplings, then had a little drive to Ironbridge. My sister took her CV in to the amazing little place that is Queenie's Cupcakery and we had a little browse around the lovely gift boutiques of Ironbridge.
The River Severn is flooding at the moment, so it's quite strange both on the drive there and when walking along the Wharfage, as the river is so high to the roads and paths! Scary.
I'm now doing a little more chilling, listening to music, before getting ready for what looks to be a very exciting night tonight!
I'm off to my favourite place in town, The Yorkshire House. Tonight, The Ministry Consumes Pasties are doing their monthly DJ set, which is always great fun. I've booked the day off work tomorrow, so I can really enjoy myself tonight and have *cough cough* a few Jack Daniel's and Diet Cokes...
...and then throw some crazy shapes with my partner in drunken fun, Sally.
The Bird is The Word aka Surfin' Bird by The Trashmen (made famous by Peter Griffin of Family Guy) will forever make me laugh of memories of our last MCP night together :)
I can't wait for tonight!!



  1. Love the shirt! I've been to ironbridge(although my dad broke up with his girlfriend and has moved back home so I don't think I'll be going again) x

    1. Thanks :) It's a lovely little place, the shops there are great and the cupcakes are so tasty! Oh no...if you ever get chance, you should go there when it's a nice Summer day, best time to go. Lots of good pub beer gardens opposite the river too xx

  2. Im too jealous you still have your spice girl shoes, I WISH I still had mine!!!! I remember I wore them for school and got sent home hahaha. Aww hope you have a good night, you deffo will by the sounds of it x x

    1. Haha, my mum asked if I'm selling them, I was like 'NO, I CAN'T!!', I've kept them too long! I will admit, they kinda blistered by toe though - ouch! Very heavy too.
      I did, thank you :) Had a little too much fun haha! Hope you are good xx

  3. I'm in love with the colour of your hair and your nails!! xx

    1. Thanks :) The nail polish is one of Accessorize new sprinkle ones, called Leopard Moth xx


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