Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Festive Nails No.3 - Christmas Gold and Red

Combined nail post tonight. I didn't feel it was worth separate posts for these. I will attempt something more exciting soon!

Gold - 17 Supreme Shine 'Sphinx'
I don't tend to wear light polishes, or golden ones but I went to see Stone Sour on Friday night and their new album is called 'House of Gold and Bones Part 1', soooo I took inspiration and painted my nails golden.

Red - 17 Fast Finish 'Garnet'
A gorgeous metallic red polish, which is very Christmassy.  I've since added a coat of Barry M's Limited Edition 'Christmas Glitter' polish, which I will blog about tomorrow.

One week to go until Christmas! How exciting? I am so so unprepared! As always. I have some present buying to do still, but I can't do this until I have money.
I'm even more excited now because I'M GOING TO SEE KIGH SATURDAY!!!! *Fangirl moment*. I decided it would be criminal to miss yet another of the annual KIGH Christmas Party shows, so I booked myself a ticket and I'm going to Cardiff to see them on Saturday :) Who cares if I only have £4.39 in my bank after buying my ticket, it's totally worth it! Thankfully I'll have been paid by Saturday.
I'm also awaiting the arrival of my Sleigher tee, from Aled's Who Are The Nines online store, which I am excited about (hoping it arrives in time!).
So much excitement at the moment!


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