Sunday, 23 December 2012

Festive Nails No.5 - Candy Cane

17 'Knockout Red' (freebie in an old GWP), white nail art pen from Rio Professional Nail Art Kit and Barry M All in One as a topcoat.

I love this festive look and I've had lots of compliments from people, friends, co-workers, shop workers and random girls behind me in Asda, talking to each other about how cool my nails are, haha!
Pretty quick and easy to do, though I struggled to do the stripes quite so neat on my right hand, as left handed is not easy for a 'Righty'.
These have lasted 4 days but have now started to chip, mainly the right hand - the one that will not be easy to re-do. The left hand is all good, bar 1 nail. Doh. I'm currently debating whether to attempt to re-do this look for tonight, leave as is for the night, or just remove and do plain festive coloured nails...

 Tonight, I'm going to my favourite pub, for the monthly DJ night. I can't wait! The last 2 were crazy-fun, so tonight will be brilliant, especially as it's Christmas time, so everyone will be more merry than usual and lots of awesome folk will be out.

Yesterday, I drove to Cardiff...yes, 3 whole hours drive there and 3/4 hours back in horrendous conditions, on my own, for Kids in Glass Houses Christmas Party gig. I've missed every year and decided to go this year, as they added a Saturday Matinee show. I planned to get the train but due to weather, getting to Cardiff via train was not happening. I had bought my gig ticket, £13.75 but luckily not booked train. I did consider bailing and losing out on the £13.75 but didn't want to miss the gig. So, I spent over £40 petrol and most of my Saturday driving!
Well worth it though, the gig was amazing, as always.
I fit in a little look round Cardiff's St. David's Shopping Centre after the gig, before heading home.
During the drive home, I realised I hadn't had any sugar the whole day, after hitting an energy slump, so I made a service station stop and got a Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate, which was oh so yummy and did the job.

Today, I've done a little Christmas shopping and some chilling.
Now, it's about time to have a drink, blast the tunes and start getting ready for tonight :)
(I've been the sober one all weekend, when everyone else has been drunk, so tonight is my turn!)

Happy days!



  1. Love those candy cane nails!
    And I'm going to Cardiff this weekend and have a longggg drive ahead of me too - hopefully being excited will make it go quickly,

    Rosie x

    1. Thank you :)
      I hope you had a good time in Cardiff and that the drive wasn't too bad! Excitement always helps to make the time fly by! x


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