Thursday, 24 January 2013

H&M Snow White Collection 2013

Following the super-cute Bambi collection of 2011 and the Minnie and Micky Mouse collection of 2011/2012, I recently discovered a Snow White collection in H&M! Well, I was very excited about this but had no money at the time, horror!

But, I have since got my hands on some of the products, yay :)

I picked up 2 of the 3 nail polishes from the collection, Snow White and Make Me Blush.

I did pick up the lip balms but put them both back, as I have hundreds of lip products and do not need more lip balms and yes, I mainly wanted them for the cuteness! So, I did good in resisting.

I really wanted one of the red apple shaped body butters, as I love the fact they are in an apple and the red one (Sugared Fig) smells SO good! But, all the red ones were missing the top part, so looked silly and I wasn't willing to part with £4.99 for a broken apple.

The other scent of body butter and lip balm is Vanilla and Apple. I wasn't too keen on this scent.

I Googled for swatches/reviews of the nail polishes prior to purchasing them and only found a couple of blog posts about them, mixed reviews, however, I am really impressed with them and for just £1.99, even more impressed!

Make Me Blush:

Make Me Blush is a lovely peachy-pink shade with a slight shimmer to it. It was difficult to pick up the shimmer on the camera, it's very subtle but pretty and does transfer to the nails. This is a great polish for Spring.

Snow White:

Snow White is a gorgeous shimmery silver-white with lots of glitz.

Application of both polishes was great. I did 3 coats of Make Me Blush and 2 of Snow White (possibly could have done with 1 more coat though).

For £1.99 each, they are an absolute bargain, so cute and really great value for money!

The third polish available is Silver Front, a silver glitter, hexagonal and round pieces. I almost got this but stopped myself for the simple fact that I recently realised I have over 200 nail polishes and A LOT of them glitters. However, I may end up buying this soon...

Yes, I bought these for the cuteness as I'm a sucker for Disney but I would really recommend these.

I saw on another blog that there is a perfume out too, my local H&M don't have that! I need to find it!! Hoping Liverpool will stock it this weekend.

Here's some snaps of the 3 nail polishes that were in stock, along with the lip balms and body butters.

One thing that does bug me about some H&M products is the unnecessary waste packaging! I work for a waste and recycling company, so this kind of thing does annoy me. In my opinion, the nail polishes and lip balms could easily be sold without this packaging, just with a simple price/barcode sticker on the bottom. These wrappers were removed from the product and then put in the bin, much to me not wanting to do this. Such a waste! Other than this little rant, I really love the Disney collections from H&M.

Have you got anything from the Snow White collection?
Are you also a sucker for cute things and all things Disney?

I'm so excited, tomorrow night I am going to Liverpool (as mentioned in my previous blogpost!). Night out tomorrow night, followed by shopping and sightseeing on Saturday.
So very excited :)



  1. Gorgeous polishes! Particularly love the look of Make Me Blush xo

    1. They are! So good for £1.99 too, I didn't expect them to be as good as they are :) x

  2. Love this!
    Great blog!
    Check out mine sometime if you'd like xoxo

    1. Thank you :) I will check out our blog x

  3. Excellent post! I hadn't heard of this Snow White collection. Thanks!!!

    1. Thank you :) It was a nice little find! I hope they do more Disney collections, The Little Mermaid in particular! x

  4. Make Me Blush is soooo pretty!

    1. It's a lovely polish, great for spring (when spring actually arrives...) :) x

  5. The nail polishes look amazing, especially the nude pink! X

    1. They are! I was so surprised by how good the polishes are for just £1.99 each. I only bought them for the packaging but I love the polishes :) x

  6. Ahh im a sucker for anything Disney, such cute packaging and great prices too. Ive never really thougt about the packaging that way before but now you have brought it too my attention your so right WHY are they packaged in those little plastic bags, no need at all. Have fun in Liverpool, least no snow this time haha xx

    1. Me too :) Especially H&M's little Disney collections, so cute and cheap!! I know, it does annoy me, so wasteful. I do have a thing about packaging, having worked for an environmental company for the past 7 years...I do look at packaging excess and stuff, haha! I'm a sucker for cute packaging, like my new MAC Archie's Girls lipsticks and things like that, but that is packaging that I keep, the lipstick boxes I always keep, so they don't go to waste! But things like the H&M nail polish bags are unnecessary. The only reasoning I can think of it that it makes them easy to hang in store, saving space!
      Thanks, but I'm not going this weekend, haha! This was before the snow-filled trip there ;) xx


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