Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow Days

Well, isn't it snowy at the moment?! Snow, it's all pretty and everything but what an inconvenience it is!
I haven't even been sledging...

I've finally been paid (hoorah!). After having next to no money for 3 weeks, following my last payday being before Christmas, it is such a relief to have money.

I'm trying to budget and not go crazy spending and ending up skint again! I'm just getting essentials (apart from the odd treat!).

Friday night I stayed in, no money - snooze!

Saturday, I drove to Lilleshall to pick my sister up and bring her home for the night. She's doing a 5-week intense personal training course at the European Institute of Fitness. We stopped by Telford on the way back and she treated me to a meal at Oscar's American Diner - yum. I then watched The Ugly Truth. Hello, Gerard Butler.

Sunday, I had to drive Donna back to Lilleshall in the snow, which had got worse! On the way home, I stopped by Telford Shopping Centre for a browse and a Subway lunch. Love Subway.
I then spent the evening watching Enchanted and Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton's version).

Monday, I stayed in.

Last night I had a catch up with my friend Kelly. We had a Nandos, followed by Diet Cokes at the pub, then Kelly went home and I cinema-solo'd it to watch Gangster Squad. I don't like violence and guns BUT, I really enjoyed the movie. Yes, I may have gone to see it mainly for Ryan Gosling but I was surprised by how good the movie was! I have a list of upcoming movies that I plan to go see. Most will probably be cinema solo's. Team Loner! Honestly though, if you really want to do things like go to see a movie but no-one will go, don't be afraid - go alone! The cinema is dark once you are in the screening, no-one will notice. I've been to the cinema alone a few times now and it's fine. I've been repping Team Loner quite a lot in the past year, it's great to be confident and independent, not letting things pass by just because no-one will go with me!

I'm working in Stone, Staffordshire tomorrow, doing packaging sampling in a warehouse. Nuts and bolts - wahoo! It'll be nice to get out of the office and have a change for the day.

Friday, I am SO excited about. It's my friend Jilly's birthday night out in Liverpool and I am now going, after finding out rooms in the Travelodge were on sale at £25 a room - CRAZY! The hotel is right next to Liverpool One, opposite the Albert Dock and minutes from bars and clubs. My friend Jo is coming with me and we're meeting Jilly and some of her Manchester Uni pals there for a night out, followed by shopping and sightseeing Saturday. YAYAYAY :)

Lots of exciting times. Happy days.



  1. Aw sounds like such a fun few days! Highly jelly at your ice blast :( craving now!!! I'm having a blog sale to win a beauty box, and I would LOVE you to enter!! x

    1. It was, thanks :) Oh, it was so nice! They are expensive but I just had too. Cool, I'll check it out! xx


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