Thursday, 22 March 2012

Joliebox March

I got home from work today to find my Joliebox waiting for me, yay!

I didn't even realise it was on the way.

Story is, I planned to cancel my subscription after the last box, then was too late and the money for this box was taken.

Tonight I cancelled my subscription to both Joliebox and Glossybox.
Beauty boxes just don't excite me anymore and I have so many products from previous beauty boxes, which I still need to use/find use for!
Also, I figured the £9.95-12.95 per month could be used elsewhere, for example, on a MAC or Illamasqua product :)

Anyway, on to the March Joliebox and what I got:

2 coats.

This month's box also came with the first edition of Joliemag, a lovely little addition to the box.

My Thoughts:

Overall, this is a good box.
All products are full-size, which is great.
The nail polish is lovely except for being a bit thin...
The eyeliner is Midnight Blue but swatched slightly greenish.
The Yardley Peony Luxury Body Wash smells nice, it's just I have SO many bath/shower products to use at the moment.
The Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm looks lovely, feels nice and moisturising but I am not fond of the scent.
I am happy with this box, but not overly blown away and as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have now cancelled my subscription, for various reasons.
I also preferred the previous shredded paper packaging, rather than the new drawstring bag. The paper could be recycled, where as the bag (which I now have 2 of) needs a use for...

Did you get this month's Joliebox?
What do you think?

For more information about Joliebox, check out the website.

Time to catch up on comments and watch The Big Bang Theory :)

It's almost Friday folks, woo!



  1. love the whole cosmetic box thing (we also get a glossy box each month - it´s nearly the same)

    and you have so pretty nails dear <3

    X the cookies

    1. I did really enjoy them at first but then I got bored and now I have a pile of boxes and products to use!

      Thank you :)



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