Saturday, 10 March 2012

Purchases :)

It's 3:20am, I should be going to bed, but I am a Blogging Addict and need to get my fix!!!

Last night I went to check out my friends new crib, go out for a meal and have a sleepover, so I was unable to blog and really missed it, sad?

Tonight I went to my cousin's 21st party and to a bar/club in town and I have since been sat at home, watching a film called Joy Ride, having a proper perv on Paul Walker, whilst drinking Whisky and Lemonade.

I'm now watching Joy Ride 2, still drinking W&L and thought I'd do some blogging :)
Today my friend and I went shopping in Telford (once we had finished dancing round her kitchen and munching on Skittles!!).

The latest edition of Company Magazine came out today (seems weird saying today now, technically it was yesterday!), so I was really excited to get that.

Whilst looking for Company, I found a copy of the February edition in Boots. I missed this one, so it was great to find it and for just £1!

I then picked up the new April edition in WH Smith :)

 Florence on the cover, looking gorgeous!

So looking forward to getting stuck into the mag. I bought the March edition for my train journey to London last month and absolutely loved it. There was a lot about blogging, careers and life that I found so inspirational and some fab fashion bits! I much prefer a magazine like Company, to celeb gossip magazines which feature the same sad celebs and silly stories all the time!

Lots of love for Company Magazine.

Another thing I was on the lookout for (as Shrewsbury is lame and we have a delay in getting anything new in!!), was the new Batiste Cherry.


I will be doing a review post on this :)
£2.99 from Boots

That's all I got today, as cash is very very short :-(

But here is some things I bought a couple of weeks ago and never got round to posting about!

 Facemasks, 99p each of 4 for 3 from Superdrug :)
I tried the Exfoliating one whilst in Newcastle in January and it was SO good, I just had to re-purchase!
Reviews to follow soon :)

Loving the new RI bags :)

I got this baby, as I had eyed it up for a while :)
Just £16!!

You may have seen that I also bought the leopard version of this style skirt not long ago...
I love them both! Great price and really cute :)
(I haven't got round to wearing either yet though...!)

I hope you are all having a great weekend!

If you are on Twitter, let me know and follow me if you like :) I'm new to it and finding it a wee bit dull atm as I don't follow many people or have many followers, haha!



  1. Can't wait to get my hands on the face masks! Fab purchases! xoxox

    1. The one I tried in Newcastle did wonders for my skin. The only problem I did find is that washing it off was a 'mare as it dries on your face, so when you wet it to wash off it just refreshes it and things got a bit messy :-o The hotel towel was left purple haha! But it is great and smells amazing, like a smoothie :)

  2. Company Mag is one of my faves now, so different from the other monthlies out there! x

    1. and mine :) I love everything about it, the size, the design and of course, the content! It definitely is! I'm not usually a magazine person but Company has changed that!

  3. sweet skirt :)

  4. Ive had my eye on that skirt! I think they have it on ASOS i almost purchased last night - although i realised im gonna have to wait til payday! xx

    1. Haha :) I love it! They have a few different versions now, I want every one of them!
      Oh no...that sucks! Something to look forward to on payday though ;)


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