Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Random Round-up: What a Day :)

Hellooooo All :)

What a day!

So, I was going to have a break from posting tonight, but I am a Blogging Addict, so here is a post!

Firstly, today has been exciting :)
You may have seen last nights post on my Batiste Cherry inspired nails...

Well, through the wonder that is Twitter, Batiste discovered my nails and loved them :) Yay! I received some lovely comments, a re-tweet, a follow, a FB share and they are sending me a Cath Kidston cherry umbrella...!  
Too happy :)
That totally cheered up my work day :)
Words can not describe how happy I am, just to receive acknowledgement and lovely comments was enough!

I'm new to Twitter, joined last week and am slightly hooked now! To receive my random Tweets about 'Allsorts', follow me @ameliasallsorts :)

Calm me down now...

Next...Kelly's Nail & Blog:

My bestest, Kelly is a Doctor Who obsessive...
So, it made me laugh when she came into work today with this amazing creation, inspired by a photo she found:

 How cool is her nail?! She added the face and Fez with biro pens :)

She now has her own blog too, which is all about Doctor Who, her adventures, set visits, reviews, meet & greet experiences etc and the CONVENTION which she is going to next week!
Check out her blog :)


Tonight I popped to Tesco.
I was craving the new Rockstar Xdurance energy drink, as I discovered it at Tesco in Telford on Friday night Tesco DOES NOT HAVE ANY ROCKSTAR!!!
Anyway, I got a few bits for mum and dad (oh, looking for eggs was great fun! Determined not to look silly asking staff, I did as E.T. would and phoned home 'mum...where would I find eggs in Tesco??'
Whilst there I picked up some makeup wipes as I was in need and got a few other little bits:

Glaceau Vitamin Water, with Jessie J cool?! On offer at £1 each. The wigs are to advertise a competition to win tickets to party with Jessie J.

 - Mummy Birthday Card, for my friend Jamie (he doesn't know yet but will be finding that in his letter box tomorrow!). We have a little joke and call each other Mum/Mummy/Mamma/Mother :) So I decided to get him that card haha!
- Kleenex makeup wipes, on offer at £1.49 for 24 :)
- Vivo Cosmetics Lipgloss 'Frosted Pink' £1.99 - I bought my sister this for Christmas and it is gorgeous, so I treated myself :) Last one in there!

I also spotted a LOAD of new(?) nail polishes in the Barbara Daly section that I plan to purchase some of very soon! They were all named after funfair/carnival attractions and look amaze.

Grazia Mag:

Mum rang me at work today and said that a magazine had arrived, completely confused...I then remembered I claimed a free copy of the latest Grazia through a Garnier email a while back.

Random - Urbex:

This is totally random, but tonight I watched a program on Dubai's debt and they showed what was going to be a massive Disney theme park that was then abandoned and it reminded
me of something I discovered via an Urbex website last year...

 (David Grey - Reuters)
 More photos and article here :)

How cool is this place? Ok, you may not agree... I am a big fan of Urbex (Urban Exploration, Google it ;))

Anyway, that's all for now :) Time to catch up on comments then other blogs! Thank you all for reading my blog and for your comments :)
I really do appreciate it!



  1. Aww thanks Zoe, that made me smile, really appreciate it :) I will link yours in my next post, when I get round to doing it, my assignments are being a right pain!
    I've been trying out some more designs tonight but failing, I need to get some nail art pens/art set... where do you recommend? The matchsticks aren't working haha
    I love them Jessie J bottles... too cute!

    1. No problem :) You don't have to... haha!
      Oh dear, is that why you are on Blogger instead of doing your assignments? :-p
      Oh do! YDT ;) You could get the whole set that I have from Argos...that comes with 8 colours (with tip and fine brush duo tops), plus glitter, rhinestones, equipment, DVD etc.
      Or Models Own WAH nail art pen?
      Maybe Bodycare or somewhere for cheapo nail art pens??
      Or Amazon/Ebay...
      I know, haha. I just had to get them! They had a blue wig too.

  2. great pics! love the nail picture, it's so funny <3


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