Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Frontcover A/W Preview

Gorgeous cupcakes, with Frontcover imagery and edible glitter
The set up at Karine Jackson salon
Dark Arts
One of my fave sets from the A/W collection
Lovely, highly pigmented lipsticks

The gold/navy twist on the smokey eye is stunning!
Waiting to get my nails done
Getting my nails did :)
The end result, Laser Cut Leather Nail Stickers
Gemma getting her nails done
Gemma's dotted nails
Blogger friends :)
The event was a great success, well done Frontcover!
Champers :)
Beautiful cakes!
Edible lip glitter on the gorgeous and very yummy cupcakes!
I trimmed the edges of the nail foils down
Such a great design!
A second cupcake, included in the bag we were given.
Sometimes, I am just this cool.
Yesterday, I attended the Frontcover Cosmetics A/W Launch at Karine Jackson salon.
I met up with my blogger friend Gemma Bellfield just before the event and headed there.

We had a warm welcome and were offered Champagne.

We met Michelle, the Co Founder and Director of Frontcover.  Michelle showed us round each of the new sets, whilst giving us a history of the company, the concepts behind their ideas and how they only use photographs which include the products in the sets.
It was great to actually meet one of the people behind the brand and Michelle was lovely!

Something that really stands out about Frontcover to me is the fact that they put instructions/how-to guides and images in the sets.  Rather than just having the product or a very brief ‘to achieve this look…’ Frontcover have easy-to-follow guides.

All the new sets are great.  When we were asked to choose a Gold, Silver and Bronze set, I really struggled to choose favourites!
I’m particularly loving Party Queen, Dark Arts and Sparkler.  I awarded these the medals.
Anything and everything that sparkles is a winner with me :)

They even have edible lip glitter; yes…you read that right…EDIBLE LIP GLITTER!

They used the lip glitter on the cupcakes, which was a great touch.

The cupcakes themselves were fab, with Frontcover imagery printed on them and oh, so tasty!

Another thing that stood out to me, was the golden Cupid's bow lip art, in the Kissogram set.  So simple to do, yet so different and effective!

We were offered to have our makeup or nails done, so like everyone else, Gemma and I went for the nails.  We all know how big nails and nail art are at the moment, right?

The leather cut nail stickers caught my eye as soon as I saw the Dark Arts set earlier on, so I chose to have these.

Gemma had black nails, with some bronze/gold dots.

We grabbed a cupcake to take out with us.

We had such a great time at the launch.  After this, we headed on to another event, which I will be posting about following this :)

Unfortunately, Frontcover will not be sold in Boots stores this year but you can buy it from the website, Sephora, or look out for the ladies making their QVC debut very soon!
The collection is now available to pre-order and prices range from £14-35.

Last year, I purchased the Style Queen set (after a mad hunt for it!), I did a short review and swatches of that, which you can read here.

Thank you, once again, to the lovely people of Frontcover Cosmetics for a fabulous event.

Have you tried Frontcover Cosmetics?
Does anything from the new collection catch your eye?



  1. I love their customisable eyeshadow palettes, so handy! X

    1. One of the new sets includes a customisable eyeshadow palette. They are very handy and a great idea!

  2. Message from Michelle of Frontcover (for some reason, Blogger wouldn't let Michelle post this comment, so here it is):

    Hello - thank you so much!!!!! Great review and love love love the shot of you as a cupcake!!!! V original! Love it! Thanks so much and lots of love Michelle (Frontcover Co Founder) xxxx

    1. Thank you to Michelle for the lovely comment and launch :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. It was, I had a great afternoon and evening in London :) xx


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