Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Barry M Nail Paints: Web Effects, Amethyst Glitter and Pomegranate Gelly

Today I walked up to town on my lunch break, in search of new Barry M Cosmetics nail polishes, out today. Surprisingly, my local Superdrug had EVERYTHING IN! Spoilt for choice.
For today, I just bought 3 nail polishes, Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in GNP 9 Pomegranate (235), Jewel Glitter Nail Paint in Amethyst Glitter (354) and Limited Web Effects (239).

There is currently an offer on in Superdrug, free Croc or Web Effects with any 2 Barry M purchases. I picked up Limited Web Effects as the free polish. This is one that I didn't even know about, so it was exciting to find it and I was excited to try!

I have tried all the polishes tonight (especially to share on here! Dedication, haha!), below are some reviews and photos.

Limited Web Effects (free with any 2 Barry M products)
Sadly, this is very disappointing.
I used this over Barry M Black Nail Paint, as it was the obvious choice and combination that would look good. Barry M Black Nail Paint is the best black nail polish I have ever tried, btw :)
The polish is very thin and goes on really light coloured.
The effect is more Crackle than Web. To be honest, I don't see any webbing in there!
I would not buy this.
It was free, so I am ok with that. Not sure I'll use it again though.
I tried a second coat, which made it more orange, yet still did not 'web'.
This is the only Barry M product that I have ever been disappointed in, I believe! Well, except for Acid Yellow Nail Paint, as I just did not like the stuff!

Have you tried this?
If you have tried this, I'd love to know how you found it.

Pomegranate Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint
I really could not choose what shade to buy, they all looked nice. There are some dark, autumn shades and some light summery shades. I originally picked up the blue one but put it back, as I have a similar polish at home. So I got Pomegranate, though I don't usually wear pinkish polishes. I do wish I chose a different colour, just because this shade isn't really 'me'.
However, review of the polish...
I like these, very glossy and just one coat required.

Jewel Amethyst Glitter
Well, it is glitter-full and just amazing.
If you have read my blog for a while, you will know that I LOVE glitter and glitter polishes, I own a lot!
There are a bunch of new glitter polishes out now. Too many for me to cope with! I stood there today like 'Oh wow. Oh my. Where do I start?!'. I could have easily bought every single one! However, Amethyst Glitter immediately caught my eye, so I picked this.
Lots of colours of glitter in this polish, it's just beautiful!
I've only done one nail at the moment, as I'm sporting Pomegranate Gelly for tonight and tomorrow.
I used 2 coats for this, though one provides really good coverage for a glitter polish.
I'll do a proper review post of this when I get round to using it on all my nails :)

The new Barry M Nail Paints are available from today (26th September 2012), in Superdrug and from October 3rd in Boots.
Also available online at

There is also the new Blink Precision Eyeliner Pen out today.
and coming soon - new Ultra Moisturising Lip Paints - which I shall be buying!

Have you tried any of Barry M's new Nail Paints yet??
Any recommendations?



  1. When I saw your photos on twitter I got really excited about the web one because it would be so good for halloween but it's annoying that it doesn't come out well! I've already seen the other before and I can't wait to go into town and get some of them! :D xxx

    1. I know, when I spotted it I was surprised and excited, then I was disappointed :( Ah well, it was free at least!
      Yes, they are amazing! There's so many new polishes, Barry M just seems to keep bringing out more and more, not good for my bank account haha :D xx

  2. Love colour nail varnishes!
    I really like the web one it looks really unique and different!

    Jess x x

    1. I like Gelly, love Amethyst Glitter but was sadly disappointed with Web Effects. If only it really did web!

  3. The web one does look more 'crackle' like :( what a shame! I really love the look of that glitter one x

    1. It is pretty much, nothing web about it, sadly! Ah well, it was a a little annoyed if I paid for it though! Yeah, the glitter one is lovely, I tweeted a photo of it on all nails earlier :) xx

  4. Nice colors.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
    My Blog

    1. Thanks :) Following on bloglovin now xx

  5. ooh these are cool! i like the gelly one!
    love your blog! love the style and the layout! so great!
    could you please check out mine? would be an honour!!!
    Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks :) I'll check out your blog xx

  6. I managed to sort of get the web effect to work, but its not the best! (sorry I hate leaving my blog link but it was the only way to show the pic!)

    1. Thanks for sending your link. I was sad to find the web effect didn't really 'web' xx

  7. I wish I'd have seen this before I bought web effects, although mine is worse than doesn't even crackle! Checked the bottle and everything, defo the right thing, only it's basicaklly an orange polish. I wonder if I write to them they would send me a refund or something as its clearly not what it says it is, so disappointed! Xxx

    1. Oh no, that's not good! Sorry you didn't find out before buying. That's strange that it does not even crackle, maybe contact Barry M about that! xx

  8. the glittery barryM nails are super amazing!

    1. I know, I love Barry M glitters!! :) xx

  9. That glitter looks soo nice! Xx


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