Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Hauling

Evening All :)

Today I spent my afternoon shopping in Telford.

I didn't plan on buying anything but it seems when I go with my friend Aimee, I always come home with things!

Here's what I picked up today:
Skirt £12, Peplum top £8, Studded shoes £12, Tinkerbell Mitt £1, Slipper socks £1 - Primark.
Rise Against 'Endgame' and Young Guns 'Bones', 2 for £10 - HMV.

Yes, the skirt is a metallic gunmetal grey version of last years huge sell out black version of the faux leather pleated skirt, that every blogger and their nan most certainly seemed to own!
- I can see this being big news!
The top, I've wanted a peplum for so long and this shiny black/wet look one caught my eye. I love the 6 studs on it, adding to the rock chick edge.
The shoes, well, I've wanted nude shoes forever and these are studded - WIN. I don't really wear pointed or stiletto heeled shoes anymore but I love these.
The mitt and slipper socks, random buys.
The CD's, I have searched for Rise Against 'Endgame' so long! Just 2 more RA albums to get now (the very first 2!), I didn't know what CD to get for the 2 for £10, then spotted Young Guns 'Bones', so grabbed that as I've got into them recently and Gustav Wood is a babe.

Lots of nice new things, yay!

Here's some other fab findings of the day:

Before heading to Telford, I saw an email pop up in my Hotmail inbox from Lush Telford, about a VIP party for the launch of new haircare products, very exciting! Sadly, I missed the Emotional Brilliance launch party. So, I called Lush Telford, then headed in whilst in Telford and grabbed tickets for me and my sister :)
I'll be taking my camera phone along and getting some snaps to share with you all.
Very excited for next Friday evening!

Have you been hauling recently?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I have had a great one, down to last night's lone gigging, Kids in Glass Houses.
Currently on a KIGH from that :)
Oh, such a cringer.



  1. Eeee i have those studded shoes and i had to go back and get them in black too - comfiest pair ive owned in a long time! LOVE the pleated skirt and peplum top

    you always pick up lovely things xx

    1. Aren't they great?! Primark have TOO much nice stuff atm, I wanted so much! Haha, I wanted the black too, may have to get them after next pay day :D Thanks! My friend said no to the peplum top but I got it anyway, we have different tastes and I liked it on haha. Hope you've had a good weekend xx

  2. I really want that pleated leather skirt but I never saw it when I was last in there!! x

    1. Oh no :( Maybe they will get it soon! I haven't had a proper look round Primark for a while, really surprised with how much nice stuff they have atm and when I saw this skirt I had to have it! xx

  3. Love the peplum top, i have a few of these and think they are so flattering. The little tinkerbell mitt made me smile :):) I had the black pleated skirt and never wore it so probs best i restrain myself from they grey version but it looks gorge and cant wait to see it on you x x

    1. Thanks :) I really liked it for that reason but my friend was like "no, I don't like it!". I still got it haha! Wellll, I've been needing some form of flannel for ages, then saw that and had to get it!! Really? How come you never wore it? I love mine and now I have this one, can't wait to wear it out :D I'll post photos when I get round to wearing it ;) xx

  4. I love the skirt, what a bargain!
    Claudia xxx

    1. It's amazing, so happy when I saw it, literally grabbed it!! I know, such a bargain! Wonder if this one will sell out like the black one did...

  5. ohhh i love the skirt i'm going to to in toprimark tomorrow! xxx

    1. It's amazing, isn't it? I need an excuse to wear it out/to go out!! Did you get one?


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