Saturday, 8 September 2012

Lush VIP Haircare Launch Party at Lush Telford

Last night, my sister and I went to the Lush store in Telford for the VIP Haircare Launch Party.

Champagne, strawberries and some very tasty chocolate truffles, spoilt.

Even better, the event was free to attend.

To start with, we had an introduction to the 8 new haircare products.

Some of the products I wasn't keen on scent-wise but a few I really want to try!

After the presentation, we were then let loose on the store, trying out different products and sniffing everything, as you do in Lush, haha!

We then had arm massages. I chose Soft Coeur Massage Bar, which was massaged in to my arm, followed with some Vanilla Puff dusting powder. My arm still smells amazing today! I was trying not to spend any money due to saving for London on Monday but I couldn't resist. I bought Soft Coeur and Vanilla Puff! I did good though, as there was SO much I wanted, including a few of the new products :)

We were then shown the Emotional Brilliance collection and had a go on the wheel.

My results were:

Drive, Calm and Decisive.

I tried Drive as a lipstick, as I love purple lips.

One of the guys had 2 of the Emotional Brilliance colours in his hair, which I originally thought was actual hair dye, it looked very cool!

Here's some photos from the night:

Donna wearing Charm as lipstick
I dislike this photo, but this is Drive.
 and here's my goodies:
Soft Coeur Massage Bar £4.75
Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder £4.50

 I also picked up a copy of Lush Times, to tempt me even more!

Donna and I had a fab couple of hours at the party.
Thanks to the lovely guys and girls at Lush Telford :)

Go check out the new haircare products when you can, there's some good ones!
The products are also available online on the Lush website.


(I'm going to do a Weekend in Outfits post for this weekend, so details about my OOTN will be in that :) I'm now going to get ready and head off for an afternoon and evening in Blackpool. Road trip, Illuminations, yay!)


  1. Love your blog, if you want we can follow each other:)

    1. Thank you :) I will take a look at your blog! x

  2. Great photos, I really want to try some of the Lush makeup :) x

    1. Thanks! It's really good, not that I expected any less but there are lots of lovely colours in there and the fact that they can be used different ways is cool :) x

  3. I got invited to this at my local Lush but they were charging for entry so I never went :/ Looks like you had an amazing time though!x

    1. Oh no, really? There was a charge for the previous EB launch, which I missed but this one was free! I did, thank you :) Great way to spend a Friday night, followed by a cheeky Dominos haha x


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