Saturday, 5 November 2011

A £5 Shopping Trip and Exciting Products

Hey girlies :)

Today I was kindly woken up at 9am by my sister (thanks Donna!). We went shopping in Telford. I only had £5 to spend, which I had in a pot at home.
I got 2 little things today:

As soon as I walked into Boots I spotted the new Midnight Enchantment collection by No7, cute packaging/look and lovely products. I only got the nail polish, as Donna had a No7 £5 voucher with her, meaning it cost me just £2 :)
Check out the collection here.
No7 Midnight Enchantment 'Glitter Bomb' Nail Polish
£2 using £5 voucher (£7 full price)

I only swatched it on my ring finger, as I had painted my nails just a few hours earlier.
(Nail varnish is H and M Hello Kitty, as mentioned in a previous post ;-) )

I have been in need of some moisturiser for my face, so was pleased to find this little gem in Superdrug :)
Vitamin E Intense Moisturise Cream
£2.99, Superdrug

(Apologies for the dull lighting! I had to turn flash off to photograph the Moisturiser as it kept beaming off the pot!)

After Telford, I then spent around 6 hours trying/continuing to sort out my bedroom! FUN!

During a break from the mammoth task, I checked my emails, to find an email from Barry M about their new 'Croc Effect' Crackle Paint.
The photo looks pretty cool, though I can't get my head around how it would come out any different to the original Crackle Paints!
I've just watched the video on the Barry M website and it does appear different to the original Crackle Paints.
Priced at £3.99 and available here.
(Photo: Barry M website)

What do you think of the new Croc Effect?? Will you be buying?

Next up, Britney Spears perfumes...
30ml perfumes currently on offer in Boots, £12.99 from £22 (£13 on website, for some reason 1p more than in store!)

I saw the Brtiney perfumes on sale at Boots whilst going in for lunch on Friday.  I love Radiance, my sister has this and it smells so good, but I hadn't tried any of the older ones, until Friday!
I tried Midnight Fantasy, and OMG, AMAZING!!
(Photo: Boots website)

I COVERED myself in the stuff and when I was at the till the girl asked 'What perfume are you wearing?' *CRINGE*...'it's the Britney 'Midnight Fantasy', I just sprayed some' (more like used the whole bottle, haha!), she said it smelt really nice! The smell lasted ALL DAY AND NIGHT! I was sat in my NVQ exams smelling it, even later in the evening, sat watching TV I kept smelling it, great lasting power!

I don't usually go for celeb perfumes, but this is definitely on my Christmas Wish List :)

What is your favourite Britney perfume?

Oh, and I passed both my NVQ Key Skills exams - yay! Thank God! One more stress out of the way :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend :)



  1. I love that nail colour!! my fave britney perfume is the "Curious" one <3 I love it!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Thanks :) It is really nice and sparkly, though very similar to the Zoya 'Jem' one I got in my Boudoir Prive box, but it's all good, £2 and pretty bottle, can't complain, haha.

    Oooh, I shall have to have a smell of that one next time I am in Boots, which is likely to be tomorrow...mainly because it's near Starbucks and they have 2 for 1 on Christmas drinks between 2-5pm :)

  3. I love Curious too! And fantasy is so sweet and nice :)
    Thats £5 well spent!


  4. Love the colour of that nail polish!

    I smelt that perfume when i was shopping last weekend and i loved it so much and almost bought it. Just sent my mum to boots to look for a bottle now! Such a good price.

  5. The nail varnish is amaaazing!

    lots of love,

  6. @Serena - I tried Curious today :) but got Midnight Fantasy, as my dad gave me £20 to buy myself some Christmas presents :)

    @Zoe - Thanks :) Haha, sounds good. I have to wait til Christmas for mine now :(

    @Lions and Tigers and Make-up - Thanks :) I painted all my nails using it today, so will add a photo in tomorrow's post ;)



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