Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Halloween Post *Pic Heavy*

Hey girlies :)

So, my final post on promised!

I went out on Monday night (Halloween) to C:21 nightclub, for Miss Roxy's Halloween Extravaganza (gay night!).  Lloyd Daniels was there performing, and Marlon(?) from X Factor was also there watching.  I don't really remember what Lloyd Daniels was like on X Factor, I only remember the voice man saying 'LLOYD DANIELS!' in the over dramatic voice (you know what I mean!), haha.

I went with my 2 'Fellow Jeggers', Aimee and Sally and boy, we had a good laugh!
Despite having work at 9am the next day, I managed to stay til close at 3:30am, eventually got home some time after 4:15am! I managed to get just 2 hours sleep before work, but felt fine!
However, I would like to add, never try Kamikaze shots!! I don't know what is in them, but they are WRONG!! Thanks Sal!

Anyway, on to the photos, apologies for the pic heavy post!

Queen of Broken Hearts

Queen of Broken Hearts and Aimee 'Corpse Bride'

Queen of Broken Hearts & Sally 'Chucky' (haha!) 

Bumped into my old friend Craig in C:21 so decided to have a Piggy Back ride, for old time sake :) We used to always do these when we hung out back last year, oh, those were the days!
In case you are wondering, it all started on Valentines Day 2010, when we were at the seaside and saw a kid laughing, having a Piggy Back ride, to which I said 'Oh, I miss Piggy Back rides!!'...and Craig told me to get on his back! The rest is history! Haha. He's a lot stronger than he looks! 

End of night shot

Aimee kindly gave us Trick or Treat goody bags, yay!

Accessories :) 

Stockings and shoes :)

My good old Leg Avenue Queen of Hearts costume :)

A closer look at my make-up (and another towel turban shot, haha!)
Basically, I planned the eyebrows and had the idea of the lips, but had no idea what else, so this was all a bit last minute.
The black on my cheeks started with fallout from the Barry M Dazzle Dust on my eyelids, I tried to wipe it off and it created the bruised look, so I dabbed bits of the DD over my face, smudging as I went along.
The black brows and mole were done using Barry M Waterproof eyeliner pencil.
Some old concealer on my lips, with a bit of Collection 2000 red lippie in the centre.
I also sprayed my face with hairspray to reduce the risk of melting brows/make-up!
This look is pretty simple really and took about 10 minutes!

 That was Halloween, and as an added extra, below are some photos from the night before Halloween.

After coming home from a day in town I decided to try out a witchy look. 

Products used to create my 10-Minute Witch look (plus my usual foundation, powder and mascara) 

Barry M Spring Green with Purple Rain Nail Effects

The only topcoat I have is a glitter one, I thought this looked pretty :)
Difficult to photograph though!

Found these Mr Kipling Demon Cakes for £1 in Sainsburys...
Raspberry flavoured, YUM!!

In the evening I went for a non-alcoholic beverage at Source Vodka Bar with 2 of my lad mates and one of their female friends.
I decided, as it was the night before Halloween, to do a Halloween/witchy-inspired look :)
Again using the products mentioned higher up this post (but without the scariness and brows!)

I also tried to dress appropriate to the look :)
The top is about 10 years old, from Pilot (remember that shop??)
Maxi skirt: Select. One of my most worn items of clothing! Love it!
Bag: Primark

and that is the end :)
I hope you like and that this post wasn't too annoying, being so pic heavy!

Hope you all had a great Halloween and are having a nice week!
Mine has been a bit up and down really, but hey ho! One week tonight I shall be going to see Lee Evans with my mum, dad and sister for Dad and Donna's birthdays, YAY! I'm sure Lee Evans will cheer me up a treat :)



  1. LOVE THIS!! and omg that chucky is so scary!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Thanks Faye :) Haha, I know! When I got to Aimee's house Sally was sat there wearing the mask and it freaked me out! So creepy!!


  3. WOW what a fantastic outfit! Looks like you had a lot of fun!! xx

  4. I love your outfit!! :D Looks like a great time.
    Lucy x

  5. @Rachel - Thanks :) It was good fun!

    @Lucy - Thank you :) I did indeed!

    @Zoe - thanks :) Gotta love Barry M nail polishes!



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