Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Product RAVE: Soap & Glory Hand Food and Batiste 'Wild'

Hey girlies :)

Tonight's post is a bit of a product rave!

So, last night I finally got round to trying out my Soap & Glory Hand Food, which I recently purchased during Boots Advantage Card event and OMG...
I used a tiny bit before bed and this morning woke up to my hands feeling ridiculously soft!
Hand Food was chucked straight in my handbag and accompanied me to work today :)
I used it a few times (though it didn't need re-applying!).
My hands feel SO SO soft and smell lovely, of Soap & Glory's signature 'Mist You Madly' scent :) Mmm...
Seriously girls, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! Perfect for the cold Winter months and keeping those hands nice and moisturised.
It is also non-greasy!
Can Soap & Glory do any wrong??
The mini size (50ml) which I have is £2.35 (5 for 4 offer currently on mini's at Boots), whilst the larger one (125ml) is £4.85. Available at Boots and on
I plan to buy the large size when I get paid (Soap & Glory Haul planned!) :) and keep the small one in my handbags, perfect size!

Secondly, Batiste 'Wild'. This is new and I previously mentioned that I bought this on Sunday.
Well, today I kinda woke up late and didn't have time to wash my hair, so...
Dry shampoo is a bit tricky with my hair now being purple, as it can appear talcy and make my hair look bad, but this didn't.
I had previously said that the smell was lovely, well...I must add, after using properly smells AMAZING!! My hair stayed fresh and smelt great all day :)
Batiste is also great for adding volume and giving hair a matte look.
I got my Batiste 'Wild' from Boots, for £2.99.

Have you tried either of these products?
Do you plan to try them now?



  1. I love the "hand food" I keep it in my handbag all the time now its cold out!!
    great post!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. I always use batiste dark spray to give my flat-as-a-pancake hair some volume and lift. This is the first I've heard of the wild one though and I am intrigued :D xxx

  3. Ive never used either of those, but I love how pretty the containers are!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. I love hand food :) its definitely my favourite hand cream!

  5. I love dry shampoo! I find if you walk around all day the wind can make your hair look dull and abit greasy - I like to go into the toilet and spray it and voila! Nice hair again!!:)


  6. I love hand food, smells amazing! really want to try that new batiste spray too.

  7. both look amazing, I'll have to try them out! ;)

  8. @Faye - Same :) I never usually use hand cream and sometimes suffer from a little eczema on my hand in winter, so this will be perfect!
    Thank you :)

    @BunBun - Ooo...I haven't thought about the dark one, I wonder if that'd be better for purple hair? Batiste used to be fine when I was blonde, but it can look a bit dusty/talcy now if I'm not careful!
    You should definitely go buy some Wild ;-) Smells great, looks great and works great!

    @Chelsea Elizabeth - They are both very pretty (will look great on my vanity table, when I eventually get it set up!) and are fab products! I would recommend both :)

    @Bethan - I second that :) My mum wants some now, haha!

    @Tina - Haha. I can't remember life before dry shampoo! Such a miracle product! Great at festivals too :)

    @Zoe - I am addicted to the stuff now, haha :) Definitely try the Bastiste Wild ;-)

    @Laura - Try them, you'll love them :)

    Thanks for all your comments ladies :)



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