Saturday, 19 November 2011

H&M Minnie and Mickey

Today has been a tad hectic!!
I woke up wanting to go for a drive somewhere, using the last 55 miles petrol that was in my car. I had considered Ironbridge, then heard they had the Christmas lights switch on, so I was sorted :)
Getting in my car, I then had one of those 'what am I doing, where am I actually going??' moments when I needed to get cash out (the last of my cash, which was for my phone bill, but as it has been messed up again they can wait!). So everywhere was chaos and I ended up going to a retail park here to get cash and see what lunch stuff Boots had left (not much!), I then decided to go to Telford on route to Ironbridge.
My plan was to get a Subway (which I did, yum!!) and have a quick browse in a couple of shops, first off H&M and WELL....
I immediately rang my friend Aimee and asked 'HAVE YOU BEEN TO H&M RECENTLY?!?', whilst stood in awe at the new Minnie & Micky Mouse range of products! Knowing that Aimee is as obsessed as me with cute things and that we both went mad over the recent Bambi range, I just had to tell her!
I stood there well over 10 minutes, describing every product to Aimee, haha.
I knew I shouldn't spend money and didn't NEED any of the products but they were so cute!
Anyway, Aimee liked my descriptions and asked if I could get her a few bits, then collect money later, so I did.
I bought 4 products for Aimee, which I took photos of to share with you all :)
Do you know, I kinda liked the whole experience...buying nice things for someone else, then getting the money back for them. It meant I got the joy of shopping and buying nice things, but without spending a penny (as I got it back!). I must do this more often, haha!

Right, enough blabbering...on to the products:





Cute lining, with 3 pockets :)

Also in the range are nail varnishes, small sets of lotions, nail care kit, shower gels and lots more.  There are 2 colours available; pink/black/white and red/black/white and the smelly products come in Vanilla or Red Berries :)

All products are the usual crazy cheap prices, ranging from £1.99 to just £3.99 (I think the toiletry bag is the most expensive product).

Will you be visiting H&M for any of this collection??
Sucker for cute things??

Hope you are all having a good weekend!



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  2. Hi, your haul is cute, i love Minnie <3

  3. I have those moments when i think "where am i driving to? :|' made me giggle. Im glad its not just me who does that!

    I need to get to H&M soon..these are so friend loves mickey so i think ill purchase a few of these things to put in her christmas stocking..(and mine too..of course..) :) xx

  4. I love mickey and minnie mouse! I need to go to H&M and buy it ALL!

    Holli x

  5. I'm gonna buy them imediatelly!!!!!!!!!!! I love this blog! Following you girl! Come and see mine, if you want ;)

  6. I am an absolute sucker for cute things. I would buy anything if it had a cute something on!!!! After this blog, I will have to be schoooocing off to H&M. I love your idea of shopping for a friend too, I will be planning that before I go :-)


  7. @Winda Tiodang - Thank you for your comment. I do not have Twitter and my Facebook is personal only, but I will check out your blog :)

    @Brown Sugar - thank you :)

    @Beth - haha, oh good, I'm not the only one :)
    These would make lovely presents/stocking fillers ;)

    @Zoe - isn't it just :)

    @Holli - You should definitely go check out the collection, it's all so cute!!

    @Shopping Therapy - Thank you very much :) I will check out your blog shortly ;)

    @loveletters and snippets - Me too :) It's bad! Oh, this looks cute, buy!

    @Stefany - Thank you :)

    Thanks for all your comments girlies :)


  8. I've been there too! I was amazed at the price- bargain!!!!

  9. There are great bargains there!! :)



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