Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Lost Opportunity :(

Hey girlies :)

OMG...I could cry right now!

A week or so ago I spotted the purple Ablaze Wedge Boots on ASOS, after originally seeing the Tapestry ones ages ago. I completely fell in love with them, then forgot until tonight.
So, I went on ASOS about 1 hour ago and saw that they had just size 5's left, and low stock.
Size size! It was fate...
I don't have £60 in my bank, so I was debating going online and increasing my overdraft (ONCE AGAIN!) BUT, I left it too long!
I just added the boots to my basket, to see if it then said they were sold out, and was gutted when ASOS told me they could not be added as they had now SOLD OUT!!
My internet banking is also currently not working either, so it seems I was destined to never own these amazing boots :(
(Photo: ASOS)


If anyone ever notices these back in stock (I doubt they ever will be!), PLEASE let me know :)

I had a post planned for today/tonight, but will do that tomorrow, as it is 11:50pm, I have work at 9am and I still need to get all the junk off my bed (I had to sleep on the sofa last night!).

Hope you all had a great weekend :)



  1. Aw I'm sorry you missed out on the shoes, I hate when that happens!! Check some cheaper sites like for "copies" of shoes like this <3

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. hate when that happens, love the colour of them!

  3. I got the tapestry shoes and I LOVE them! These ones are gorgeous too :D Love your blog


  4. @Faye - I know, isn't it horrible when that happens?! Thanks :) I've just had a look on there, they have some wedge boots, but none like these :(

    @Zoe - Same :( Ohh, I so wanted them!! The colour is amazing! Bet they were even nicer IRL!

    @BunBun - Lucky :) Are they comfy/easy to walk in? I love the tapestry ones too, I originally wanted them but then saw these. Tempted to get the tapestry ones now... If only I had money :(
    Thank you :)



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