Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween Nails: Eyeko Vampira

Hey girlies

So my Halloween outfit post will be uploaded tomorrow, as I haven't had chance to sort through the photos yet.

But for now I decided to share with you all, my Halloween nails.
I used Eyeko 'Vampira' Polish, which I bought MONTHS ago, before Eyeko's revamp and it has been in my 'Box of Unused Products' since, along with a few more Eyeko products!

Unfortunately (as always) I was running late to go out last night and in a rush I only had time to do one coat of polish, which didn't come out too great.

However, when I returned home at 4:30am, I decided to paint another coat on to see how it looks and get some photos to share with you all. Yes, I was painting my nails at 4:30am, I had work at 9am and did not get to bed until about 5:30/6am!! You could say I was pretty shattered at work today.
Much better with 2 coats! 

Unfortunately, with their revamp, Eyeko have stopped selling their nail polishes :(

I hope you all had a fab Halloween :)

Queen of Broken Hearts post to follow tomorrow.



  1. love this colour! very halloween appropriate!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. This colour is so gorgeous :) xx

  3. @Faye - Thanks :) Shame they scraped their old range of products, including the nail polishes :( and I liked the cute packaging they used to have!

    @Emily - Thanks, it is a really nice nail polish. I still have Eyeko Cosmic Polish to try yet, will post about that when I get round to trying it ;-)

    Maybe one day Eyeko will bring back their nail polishes...


  4. Gorgeous colour, shame they've done the revamp, I wanted to try so many products :/
    Lucy x

  5. Thanks :)
    I know, I had never purchased anything from Eyeko, but always loved the cute packaging. So I eventually made an order, just before the revamp, luckily!
    I am sad about the revamp, maybe they will eventually change back...


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