Thursday, 10 November 2011

General Update :)

Hello all :)

I haven't blogged since Tuesday and it seems like I have been away from Bloggerland forever!  I know, it's only been a couple of days...but it just seems longer!

I've had a busy couple of days; working and doing my NVQ work in the day, then last night we went to see Lee Evans at Manchester M.E.N. Arena.
OMG, we all know Lee Evans is funny...but you don't realise HOW funny until you see him live!  We were laughing every few seconds, for the whole 2 hours!  That man is too funny!  I went with my parents and sister, as it was a present for Donna and Dad's birthdays.  We'd always wanted to see Lee Evans but his shows always sell out, as we thought this tour had, BUT after much searching I eventually found us 4 tickets!  The arena was PACKED!

It was a great show, first time seeing a comedian, very different from all the gigs we are used to going to!  I got a headache just before Lee came on, which was annoying, as every time I laughed it was painful to do so!  Donna and I also went wearing NON-waterproof mascara (DOH!) but luckily, despite crying with laughter, there were no smudged eyes, haha :)

Ohh, we also walked through Selfridges in Manchester and past the Alexander Wang Rocco duffle bags that are popular at the moment, they are so nice!  The £730 price tag isn't so nice though :-/
(Photo: Selfridges website)

and look at the lovely Louis Vuitton window display!!

Today is Dad's actual birthday.  We planned to go out for a meal, but Dad was tired after work, so we just ordered a Chinese in.
Happy Birthday Dad! :)

I have a lot to catch up on and post about, which I will hopefully get time to do shortly!

Also, I am also almost certain on my blog name change...just need to make a final decision on whether to do it!  Blue Eyed Blonde just doesn't seem right, as I am not blonde anymore (though I always will be on the inside and naturally!).  I miss my blonde hair :-(

Hope you are all having a great week!  It's almost the weekend again, woohoo!



  1. I love Lee Evans!! Your so lucky!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. :) He's so good live! I literally searched every date he was doing in the nearest cities: Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool and all I could find was single seats dotted about, but as I was about to give up I found 4!
    I would recommend going to see him, he was hilarious :) The DVD of this tour is out on 21 November ;-) Perfect Christmas present!


  3. The Alexander Wang bag is aaaaamaziing!

    lots of love,

  4. They are! I wasn't overly fussed until I saw them on display in Selfridges. I've seen a few replicas going round on other blogs... Tempted! I don't usually like replica or fake bags but this isn't branded or anything (like when you see fake Paul's Boutique or Juicy bags!), so I could justify owning a replica :)


  5. Ive never been a massive fan of Lee Evans, because he sweats so much! But im sure you wouldnt notice that much if you were watching live. They also dont seem to give him much TV airtime? or is that just me? hahaha. Blah'de'blah!
    cute blog background!

  6. @Zoe - nice isn't it?! :) I've seen quite a few replicas on other blogs, may have to buy one! I could not spend that much on a bag!

    @Dolly Daydream - He does sweat a hell of a lot! He does himself no favours with the suits and all that jumping around on stage, but he is SO funny :) The sweat-stained suits are disturbing though :-/ You do notice when seeing him live, it's uncomfortable to watch haha.
    No, he doesn't get much airtime anymore, I think he may do on other, less popular channels but never see him on 'primetime' TV!
    Thank you :)


  7. Beautiful Blog

    -Mia xoxo


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