Monday, 7 November 2011

Sunday Special, OOTD & a Little Shopping

Hey girls :)

Just a little post about my Sunday.

Dad gave me £20 to go buy the Britney 'Midnight Fantasy' perfume from Boots, along with 'whatever make-up you want with the rest!'. The Britney perfume was £12.99, so I had £7.01 remaining. What to buy?? I walked round Boots, wondering what to get that was under £7, wouldn't go off by Christmas and that I could wait that long for...I chose Models Own lipstick in 'Plum', £6. I've wanted this forever and my sister recently bought it! I just noticed this is £1 cheaper on Models Own website.
So, that was £18.99, I gave dad the change and I got to collect the Advantage Points, YAY! But, forgot to use my Double Points voucher - DOH!
(Photo: Models Own website)

I also bought (with my own pennies) Batiste's new 'Wild' dry shampoo :) Yes, spending a few more pounds that I should not be spending :-\ £2.99. The bottle is so cute and this smells lovely.

We then went to Starbucks, as they had 2 for 1 on their Christmas 'Red Cup' drinks.
Donna and I both got Toffee Nut Lattes, which cost just under £1.50 each for small :) We both hate coffee, but all the drinks were coffee! This was nice though :)

We then headed to Shawbury to visit our friend Rich. Whilst waiting for Rich to come out for a drink, we went for a drive to Moreton Corbet, castle and mansion ruins (where we spent many evenings ghost hunting in the past!).  Had a little walk around the grounds and took a few photos :)

(Scroll down if you don't want to see these, OOTD follows)

Posing on the wall of the mansion, haha! Looking uncomfortable, as there was a drop behind me and I worried I would fall off!
Sometimes I just can't resist the Lying Down Game :)
The photos aren't amazing quality, as I don't actually have my own digital camera at the moment, I just use one of my phones!

All Primark (boots from last year/year before!)
Bag: Barratts (years ago!)

No7 Midnight Enchantment 'Glitter Bomb' £2 using £5 No7 voucher, Boots


On to tonight, I just watched Big Brother and Alex was given a pair of Jimmy Choo's for her Birthday!  I've never looked at Jimmy Choo's properly, but they were AMAZING! So, I just had a look on the Jimmy Choo website, WOW...PRETTY SHOES!!
How beautiful are these?! They are £1,295 though!
(Photo: Jimmy Choo website)

While some are in the thousands, others, like Alex's are less than £500, which got me thinking ONE DAY...when all my debts are paid off, I could save for a pair...then I thought NO...I would actually be too scared to ever wear them out of my bedroom, haha!
Wouldn't it be lovely though?!
I think my most expensive shoes (other than my PPQ Office ones, which would have been £110, had I not got them for £50 on sale!) are my topshop T-Bar shoes, which mum & dad paid about £70 for, as a Birthday present years ago!
(old photo from Feb 2009)

(I couldn't find any decent photos of the shoes!)

Do you have any designer shoes?

Hope you all had a nice evening :)



  1. Obsessed with those jimmy choo's!! what a beaut! pity about the price :/ haha your background is so cool too!
    Follow me back :)

  2. The Jimmy Choos are so nice, i loved the ones Alex got on BB, they were gorgeous!

    Love the photos you took!

  3. @Stephanie - Aren't they amazing?! Why do they have to be so expensive? :(
    Thank you :) and thanks for following. I will check out your blog now!

    @Zoe - They were, I think I would have cried if I was Alex and someone gave me them, haha.
    Thank you :)



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