Friday, 30 December 2011

17 Peep Show Mascara and Freebie Eye Palette :)

Exciting new product/freebie alert!!!

Today my sister and I were in need of something to do, and with it being a dull, rainy day, that meant the usual...go shopping! Well, we needed to stay indoors :)

Lacking money, I planned NOT to buy anything BUT then I was drawn to this wonder in Boots...

Firstly, how pretty?! and secondly...FREEBIE!!

I just had to!

 £5.29 Introductory Price (usually £6.29), with free Smokey Eye Palette.

Available now at Boots :)

I may swatch the eye palette, if anyone would like that, let me know! I will also post about the Mascara, when I try it out ;)

I also MAY have caved and done another Lush sale haul... Only a little one though! I will include this in with my sale post.

I only spent just over £8 today...but that is £8 less I have to last me the next 3 weeks until pay day :-/

Hope you are all having a good weekend!
I have a runny/blocked nose and a bad throat...just in time for



  1. Looks good :) I might pop in to boots. Have you tried either of them yet? What are they like? I always hate the end of December/January, it's always 5 weeks to payday instead of 4 for me :( Xxx

  2. I haven't had chance to try them yet, but probably will do tomorrow! I will post on here when I have tried them ;) But it's definitely worth a look in Boots, great deal!

    I know, it's bad! I just want pay day to hurry up but it seems so far away :(


  3. UGH! I wish I lived in the UK, I would be all over that mascara. Love the packaging and the palette looks lovely as well. <3 :)

  4. :) I feel like that sometimes, when I see things that are available in other countries!
    I was immediately drawn to the packaging, so pretty :)

  5. This is great.. I love Lush .. x Im following

  6. Thank you, Yolandaas :) xx


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