Saturday, 17 December 2011

O.P.I Gold Shatter NOTN & Joliebox Preview

This morning I sat waiting, impatiently, hoping that the postman would deliver my Joliebox (formerly Boudoir Prive), then gave up at around 12:30pm and went to have a shower, instructing my sister to listen out for the doorbell.
Well...I came out of the bathroom to find a box waiting outside the bathroom door *excited joy kicked in*.

I opened the first box, to find the sleek new black Joliebox, replacing the pink Boudoir Prive Box. Took some photos, opened that box, took a few more photos, then....
untied the ribbon and tore open the paper to reveal an amazing selection of products!!!
The first thing my eyes were drawn to was a familiar looking lid buried in the crinkly paper, to which I (over excitedly) shouted 'OH MY GOD...O.P.I!!!'. Donna looked at me a bit funny, haha!

Well, I was so so happy to discover that it was the Gold Shatter, in a FULL SIZE bottle! :)

Anyway, I will post about the Joliebox tomorrow, as I haven't had chance to photograph all the other products yet! Busy day and night!

However, I did paint my nails using the O.P.I Gold Shatter tonight, I couldn't wait to try it! and I was not disappointed!

I first painted my nails with some base coat (my nails are a mess atm, and yellow stained-so grim!), then applied 2 coats of Barry M Black nail paint.

I then applied the O.P.I Gold Shatter. Gorgeous.

The shatter/crackle effect kicked in immediately and dried fast, leaving a lovely gold, glittery look, very festive :)

I love it! I am going to try this over a metallic red next!

What do you think of O.P.I. Gold Shatter?

Did you get the Joliebox? Has yours arrived? Or Do you wish you subscribed to this one?

I had planned to cancel my subscription after this box, but now I don't think I can!!

I will try to get post up tomorrow of both the December Glossybox and December Joliebox :)

Had a busy day today, mum and dad gave Donna and I the last of our Christmas budget, so we went shopping. I only bought the dress I had been searching for for NYE, then a few presents for other people :) But I have since ordered 2 books and have planned what to do with the rest. Then this evening I went to a local pub to meet a couple of my good lad mates for a non-alcoholic beverage (Glitter Berry J20 and a Diet Coke for the skint girl!), sadly didn't have the funds to join them on to town.

Hope you are all having a great weekend :)



  1. for some reason, I hate the way that shatter looks on my own nails but I think it looks gorgeous on others. your nails look awesome!

  2. I think it depends what colours you put them on and also what type of nail varnish. For example, today I removed the black and changed to a metallic red, as planned, which I thought would look nice, but really not sure on the Gold Shatter over metallic red now :-/
    Thank you :)


  3. love your blog dear (:

    newest follower :D!!


  4. Thank you!! and thanks for following :)



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