Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What Santa Brought Me :)

Hey dolls :)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I sure did, spending quality time with family, partying with friends, giving/receiving presents, eating good food and BOXING DAY SALES!! and I am not back at work until 3rd January, which is nice :)

So, at first I thought I wouldn't do this post, at the risk of people thinking I am bragging or being selfish and whatnot, but I have since seen many posts on what other girlies got for Christmas, and as I love to read/nose at these, I thought I would share mine too.

L-R: Skull vest bought with Christmas money off Gran, 'Rock Will Never Die' skull tee off Donna, cross tee off Kelly, poodle print dress, black velvet glitter spot dress and Nirvana jumper off Mum and Dad :)

One of my main presents: Ikea Micke dressing table off Mum and Dad. I have had this for a couple of months, and did debate whether to show it in its current state...not quite looking how I planned atm :-/

Paul's Boutique Maisy 'Exclusive to Selfridges'. Mum and Dad bought me this on our shopping trip to Birmingham last month, as I fell in love with it and it was 20% off :)

Presents off Mum and Dad :)

Soap & Glory 'Big Splendour' case :) Purchased on Boots Star Gift of the Week for just £25!! Amazing.

Books: A grown up colouring book and the diary of Motley Crue rockstar, Nikki Sixx...yes, I am random sometimes :)

 Beautiful dangly charm :)

 Hilarious :)

Gorgeous perfume :)

New Tangle Teezer (the blue one!) to replace my pink one, which I got about 3/4 years ago when they first appeared in shops and is pretty worn now!!

Presents off friends and Terry's Chocolate Orange off the Bookkeeper at work :)
Chica Loca makeup bag, mirror/keychain set and Superdry nail polish off my friend Aimee.
Love & Other Drugs DVD, Bambi nail polish and Gerard Butler calendar off my bestest, Kelly (who also got me the cross tee!) :)

Presents off my sister, Donna :)
Pervy mouse mat and keychain of me & Aled (KIGH) made by Donna at her work, Illamasqua 'Static' Pigment, Rimmel 'Disco Ball' nail polish, mini Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter and also the skull 'Rock will never die' tee :) 

 I will do a post on this soon :)

Retro Cult DVD's off my Gran and a gorgeous beaded notebook and pen set off my aunties :)

I love all my presents and am very grateful for each and every one of them :) I also got some money, which I used wisely in the Boxing Day Sales!

I had loads of posts planned recently, but have been so busy with Christmas and everything, that I have not had chance to take photos, edit, upload and post! But, that means I have a list for the New Year ;-) After this post, I plan to do my Boxing Day Haul (which included 3 separate visits to Lush in the space of a few hours in Manchester!! Oops...) and also an outfit post on recent outfits, as I have been out a few times and also had new clothes for Christmas/bought in sales :)
I also have a little post to do on my Christmas stocking...yes, I am a child and still have a stocking :)

If you have any questions about any of the items in this post, let me know!
I hope none of you see this post as bragging, I am very grateful for the presents that I have received and just wanted to share, as have many others.

I hope you are all enjoying the Holidays :) Not long until the next big event...New Year's Eve!



  1. Lucky you, got some lovely presents :) im especially in love with the skull t shirt! really want one :)

  2. @Aisling - Thank you :) The skull vest is from Urban Outfitters and the skull & rainbow 'Rock will never die' tee is from Topshop ;)

    @Jazzy E - Thank you :) I loved it as soon as I saw it in the shop!



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