Saturday, 3 December 2011

I've Been a Busy Bee... and UD Naked vs Naked 2 palette dilemma!!

Hey girlies :)

So, I have spent the past 3 days in Birmingham!
Thurs-Fri overnight stay for the Selfridges Christmas Beauty Event, home yesterday evening, then Ann Summers party at the pub my friend works at, then back to Birmingham today with my sister, for a 'Sister Day' :)

I've had lots of fun, and spent pretty much all the money I actually I have none for 3 weeks :-/

But I got some lovely things!!!

and discovered some amazing products!

I will post about the Selfridges Christmas Beauty Event tomorrow, and also about my purchases :)

I also wanted to add, I was looking at Urban Decay in Debenhams (Bullring) and had a look at the infamous Naked palette (for about the hundredth time!), when the sales assistant said to me about the Naked2 palette, which she told me is out in Jan/Feb, and that the original Naked palette will then be no longer available! I (finally) get the Naked palette...or wait til Naked2 is out in early next year???
However, I see from the Urban Decay website, that the Naked2 palette is already out, and already SOLD OUT in the USA!
Urban Decay say on Facebook, that will pre-launch Naked2 in early Jan, with additional retailers launching in early Feb :)

What do you think of the Naked2 palette?
Naked v Naked2?

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!



  1. I prefer the Original naked palette because it comes with the primer potion rather than a lipgloss. Theyre both really similar but i still think the original is the winner!

  2. In regards to the naked palette dilemma I think it's down to personal choice, I love the original but will definitely be buying the new one (even made a note of it in my diary!) This is because the new one seems to have a cooler tone and a lot more metallic colours which are my absolute favourite whilst the original has more matte colours. Both will be fab and I love my original. Maybe ask for the first one for Christmas and get the 2nd one after :) x

  3. @Zoe - I am completely stuck!! I do prefer that the original comes with a primer potion, I have way too many lipglosses!

    @Corrie - haha, me too with the date! I prefer metallic colours too, so think Naked2 will be better, but then I like some of the colours better in Naked... and I prefer the primer potion over the lipgloss! I did consider asking for one for Christmas, Dad has said they 'may give me a bit extra for Christmas', as I have already got my 'budget' worth of presents lol! I couldn't bring myself to buy both for me, spending that much on eyeshadows within a month of each other! Think I will go down the Christmas present path ;) Then buy Naked2 myself, if I like it as much IRL and can find it! :)


  4. from what i "heard" on youtube , naked 2 is just more matte than naked.
    personally i do not see the big WOW about it , maybe becoouse im more adventerous than browns and blacks in make up :) bt oh well :)

    btw if u have time:

    (yeah im knew to bloggin :( )

  5. @Suzanne Marie - I am the same, I usually prefer colour too, which is why I haven't bothered to get the Naked palette yet, but I do want it at some point, so if it is stopping being sold I have to decide whether to get it before it's 'too late'!

    I will check out your blog now :) and welcome to Bloggerland!!



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