Friday, 30 December 2011

What Santa Put In My Stocking

Hey girlies

I planned to add this in with my What Santa Brought Me post, but then felt it was a bit pic heavy as it was, so I am doing this as a separate little post.

Yes, I still have a stocking...some may say I am too old for a stocking, but Christmas wouldn't feel the same without a stocking to open first thing on Christmas Day :)

Also, just to add, my sister and I do give Mum and Dad stocking too! Which I love doing, as it's nice to give some little extras :)

So, here is what Santa put in my stocking this Christmas...

 Amazing smell!

Similar to Lush Lip Scrubs :)

 Lovely glitter :)

 Found Bomb Cosmetics in a small boutique in my hometown :)
This smells amazing!

Random little pot of Lush'ness

 Nice, Christmassy bracelet :)

 Plum lipstick (I will post about this soon!)

I spent this wisely on Lush goodies in the 50% sale :)

Anyone else have a stocking at Christmas??

1 sleep til New Year's Eve!!
How are you planning to end the year??



  1. That sugar lips scrub looks really nice! I may have to get one of those! I love stockings such a good idea, you got some nice bits! xx

  2. Oo the lip scrub and bathbomb look great! :)
    Lucy xx

  3. Yooou got spoiled girl! Love all of it!

    Let me know how the lush lip scrubs are!

    Happy New Year!

  4. @Peace Love & Lipgloss - I haven't got round to trying my lip scrub yet, as I have a couple of Lush ones on the go, but my sister opened hers, it smells amazing and she said it is really good :)

    @Lucy - I was excited to discover both, as they are very much like Lush products :) Yay!

    @Jasmine - Thank you. I don't like to think I come across as spoilt though...
    Lush lip scrubs are really good, and my sister says that these lip scrubs are equally as good. I would definitely recommend trying sugar lip scrubs :)



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