Sunday, 18 December 2011

Joliebox December - The First Joliebox

Hey girlies

First of 2 posts tonight, both on the latest beauty box offerings from Joliebox (Formerly Boudoir Prive) and Glossybox.

I will start with Joliebox. I am not going to write much, as this post will be very pic heavy, but if you have any questions, ask in the comments below :)

First thing I noticed was that the shipping box was now a plain white one, rather dull but not a problem!

On opening this box, I was then introduced to the new Joliebox, a sleek, black box, replacing the pink Boudoir Prive box. However, my box seemed slightly dirty! I suppose it's the black box showing marks more.

Anyway, excited about what the contents of the Christmas/first ever Joliebox would be, I wasted no time in opening (apart from taking a few photos at each stage!).

First reaction, OMG O.P.I!!!
and then, wow, New CID lipgloss (heard a lot about this brand on blogs recently!)
and finally TEA??? Haha!

Anyway, on to a closer look at the offerings:

I did a NOTN (Nail of The Night) post about this last night, see here.
This alone is worth more than the box!

 A pretty shimmer, for use on eyes, cheeks, body, even hair (apparently!)


The tea!

I don't like tea (or coffee!) but I like green tea and this smells lovely! But...I don't own a tea strainer :-/

New CID Lipgloss :)

This lights up AND has a mirror on the side, fabulous!

The smell of this is very lavendery, which is not my kind of thing, but I may give it a try!

Anti-ageing, don't need this just yet...

Concealer brush added in as the second bonus product (the green tea being the first)

Offer leaflets included.

I had planned to cancel my subscription after this box (prior to opening) but I now think I may have to keep it a bit longer :)

Did you get this month's Joliebox? What did you think of it?

The Joliebox costs just £10 per month, plus £2.95 delivery (which is free for those who subscribed before a certain date!).
More information here.

Glossybox post to follow...



  1. I got this box too, not so keen on the fact that there's an anti ageing product because i just cant use it, being 17 and all. and the tea, i hate tea! :/

    Love the opi polish though.

  2. I know, why do they do that? The tea was random but ok as I don't mind green tea (except the fact it is loose tea!) but anti-ageing?? When I would think the majority of their subscribers must be of our age ranges??? I am 24 but not quite old enough to need it just yet lol! One for mum I think :)

    I know, it's lovely! So happy with that :)



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