Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Selfridges Christmas Beauty Event

WARNING: This is LONG and pic heavy!!!

So, every Thursday until 22 Dec, Selfridges are holding special Girls Night In events in the Beauty Hall.

My friend Aimee and I decided to go to the event in Birmingham last Thursday, which was actually a different event, the Selfridges Christmas Beauty Event.
Tickets cost just £10 each (fully redeemable) and when I went in to buy them the weekend before, during a day out in Birmingham with mum and dad I was also given a bag of samples, which was a nice treat :)
I booked the Bullring Central Travelodge for just £32.75, so that Aimee and I could make a night of it and make the most of the complimentary Champagne :)
I had work in the morning, so we headed over to Birmingham in the afternoon, got to the hotel, checked in, then walked to the Bullring (just a few mins down the road from Travelodge).

We looked in a couple of shops, then went to Selfridges.

Showing our tickets at the front of the Beauty Hall, we were then given wristbands (which the guy put on REALLY loose!), we were also given a glass of Champagne, lovely!
Christmas songs were playing, balloons were up and all the Selfridges sales assistants were waiting on hand to help.

Firstly we headed to claim our free goody bags :)
Next up we spotted Dermalogica were doing complimentary hand massages, using a range of products. So, we indulged :) I expected a hard-sale of products, but they just briefly said what things were as they did the massages and said 'take a look at the end if you like'.

A few Champagnes and a mini mince pie later, we saw some girls having their eye makeup done at the Illamasqua counter, they looked amazing! Then we saw that the Illamasqua ladies were doing complimentary mini makeovers...yes, COMPLIMENTARY...FREE!! All the brands seemed to be! We just had to go with Illamasqua! I had never tried any of their products but always loved the look.

We had to wait a short while for the makeup artists to be available.
Then we took our seats and were asked 'what would you like today...eyes, or lips?'...I had my fave MAC Pink Friday lippie on and I LOVE LOVE LOVE dramatic eyes, so I had to choose eyes :)
Aimee seemed to get eyes, brows and lips by her makeup artist though!

Here are some mugshots of me, trying to get a good photograph of my eye makeup using my camera phone!
(excuse my face! and brows...)

Purple, glitter and smokey, lush!

Now, I spotted a bag FULL of samples of Illamasqua's Freak perfume behind the till whilst I waited for before we left I asked 'do you have any samples of the Freak perfume??', then we were given some, WIN!

A gospel-style group of singers then appeared, walking/dancing round the Beauty Hall singing Christmas songs on microphones, brilliant :)

We decided to have a break from Selfridges after a while in there. We looked in Forever 21, then realised we were rather tipsy by this point and were walking round with dramatic Illamasqua makeup going on, haha :) The bright lights and shiny floors got too much, so we then went and got a Pizza Hut, before heading back to Selfridges.

We may have had another couple of Champagnes...

Then we discovered that the really good DJ playing in Selfridges was TOWIE's Lauren Pope, wearing AMAZING pink jewelled headphones!!

We were then passed a free drink voucher for that floor too. I got a Rum and Diet Coke :)
Back up to the Beauty Hall, we spent the last half hour or so in there, claiming our redeemable £10 back. Aimee used it for £10 off Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume, whilst I used mine towards MAC Hold That Pose! eyeshadow, as Whirls and Twirls lipstick was SOLD OUT :(
One thing Aimee and I did discover was Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb House 'The House of Viktor and Rolf', amazing perfume and IN A CUTE PINK HOUSE!! Sadly it was £76 though!

So, I am going to leave it there with this post, as it is now waaaayyyyy too long and I doubt anyone will actually read the whole thing!
I plan to do another post on the rest of our Birmingham shopping trip and also the contents of the goody bags very soon though :)

I would definitely recommend the Selfridges events! I may even go to the final Girls Night In on 22 Dec, as it is just after payday and I will need to go shopping for presents anyway :)

Did you attend one of the Christmas Beauty Events or do you plan to visit the Girls Night In?

Hope you are all having a nice week :)



  1. This looks amaaazing! i'd love you to do a post on what you bought :) x

  2. I really want to go to a Selfridges event now! I'm not sure if the London one is doing anything? :(

  3. your eye make up looks amazing! xx

  4. that looked like a lot of fun! i would have probably been most excited about the goody bag haha! xx

  5. wow this looks like such a cool event! The eye make up looks lush too, I'm loving your blog too :) xxx

  6. Looks like fun fun fun!
    enter to win my MAC giveaway One day left!!!


  7. That looks so amazing, wish I could of gone!
    I love your blog and I'm a new follower of you! I've just started blogging, take a look?

  8. @Amy - It was fun :) Post on what I bought will be up either tonight or tomorrow ;)

    @Soph Ansell - I thought all Selfridges were holding this event, but it appears not...that sucks! It looks like it was just Manchester and Birmingham and that Birmingham is the only one doing the Girls Night In event too, from what I can see!

    @Grace - Thank you :)

    @Natalie - It was :) The goody bag was exciting. I am planning a post on that, which I hope to have up later tonight, or tomorrow ;)

    @Meg's Budget Boutique - Thank you very much :)

    @Summer-Raye - It certainly was :) I will check out your blog and giveaway!

    @Viva La Shoes - It was really good fun. A great girly event! Look out for next years, if they hold events like this again! Thank you :) I will check out your blog now!

    Thank you all for your comments :)



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