Saturday, 31 December 2011

My Life in 2011 - A Reflection

Another year is coming to an end...
I have been doing lots of reflecting on the past year and have also seen lots of bloggers have done reflective posts, so I decided I would do one :)

Just to warn...I take LOTS of photos...therefore this post is PIC HEAVY!!

Enjoy :)
Firstly, I started 2011 going from blonde to purple!

I got a new car :)
(Which has made me very poor every month, boo!)

I had a HILARIOUS weekend in Llandudno with the lads

I had a lovely week away with my family in London, then Whistable :)
- but haven't got the photos on my laptop (doh!)

I rocked out with my sister and cousin at Download Festival \m/

- Finally saw A7X live...AMAZING!!! M Shadows is God!

I celebrated my Birthday in Blackpool (About as mad as it gets...our friend, Martin running naked on Blackpool beach at 5am was TOO funny!)

I went to V Festival with my best friend, Kelly, after deciding at work a couple of days before that we would buy a day ticket and just go! :)

Front row for KIGH AND Lostprophets, then 2/3 row for Bruno Mars - dream day! 

I went to visit my friend, Jilly twice in Manchester 'MADchester' and party like a uni student! :) - Oh, the madness and hangovers...

I went to lots of gigs and shows, including:
Lee Evans
Black Stone Cherry (Supporting Alter Bridge)
Blitz Kids
(Saw them 4/5 times this year!)

Kings of Leon (Finally saw them!)

Wakestock on my actual Birthday :) Bloody long drive there and back for a day!! Got home at 6am the next morning...!

Yes, we were front row for KIGH on my Birthday...perfect! :)

I drove my family on a  road trip to Liverpool, The Wirral, West Kirby Marine Walk & to look at the Duke of Lancaster Ship :)
(Dad was taking the photo!)

I had a lovely day at my cousin Nick's wedding to Jo :)

I celebrated my little sister's EPIC 21st Birthday Weekend: Town, Blackpool, Liverpool and Alton Towers 'Scarefest'!


I did lots of exploring...
Urbex Fun :)

I celebrated Christmas early, with the annual Christmas Drinks with the lads :)
- Jagerful night!!

The end to my year has been great, with Christmas drinks with the lads, Christmas Eve day out with Donna 'Sissy Day', Christmas Day with my family, Boxing Day Sales with my sister, and various fun throughout the holidays and my break from work :)

I also bought myself something, which arrived this week, that I have lusted after for YEARS now...
Isn't she beautiful?! :)

I have had a great year and am thankful to everyone, friends and family who made my year :)
There have been some bad times, and a few very bad, but mainly good and that is what I live for, the good times! As long as you get through the bad, it is all good :)

It's all about the memories <3

I would also like to thank my followers and anyone else who reads/had ever read my blog. It means a lot to me :) I really enjoy blogging and it is nice to communicate with others who share the same interests.
I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope you all have a great 2011 send-off!

Here's to a great 2012!



  1. What a wonderful post hun! You are stunning and OMG, the purple hair is GORGEOUS ON YOU!

    The blonde doesn;t do it like the purple does!

    I WISH I could have the courage to try that but unfortunately i don't think I could pull it off nearly as fabulous as you do!

    Keep rocking it!



  2. It looks like you had a fun year!! Have a happy and safe New Years Eve. I hope the next year is just as wonderful :)

  3. I love your hair blonde!!! But it's really nice purple as well :) have a lovely new year, I'll be following your blog throughout 2012 xxx

  4. Looks like you had a fun year!

  5. Wow you've got some great photos from 2011 :)
    I've tagged you in two blog awards over on my blog btw!
    Happy New Year xx

  6. @Jasmine - Thank you very much :)
    I must say, it took me MONTHS to get the courage to go purple and I only planned to have my hair purple for a few months but loved it so much I kept it. I still get compliments on it now, which is lovely :) I do miss the blonde sometimes though!

    You should go for it! You never know! I think it'd be nice :) Though your blonde hair is lovely!

    @Mandy - I did :) Thank you! Happy New Year!

    @Megan - Thank you :) You too, Happy New Year! And thank you very much, that comment made me smile :)

    @Chloe Mia - I did indeed :) Happy New Year!

    @Cara - :) Thank you! Happy New Year to you too!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments ladies :)

  7. i think you suit blonde hair better! cute blog u got here =) xxx

  8. omgg.. just followed your blog Zoe anddd I have the same pink my little pony top with princess on the front nd also looks like we have the same bedcovers haha we got shiz in common :) x x

  9. thanks for the comment! awesome blog, im following! xo

  10. Looks like you had loads of fun! The blonde suits you really well :) xx

  11. @TzeYien89 - Thank you :) I do miss the blonde!

    @Lucy - Aww, thanks for following :) Haha, awesome! We have good taste girl!

    @Jessica + Josette - No problem :) Thanks for your comment and for following!

    @Nadia - I had lots of fun :) Thank you! I would love to go back to blonde, may do one day, just don't know how easy it will be from purple! Mind you, I did have black hair (big mistake!) a few years back, before returning to blonde!



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