Thursday, 5 January 2012

Boxing Day & Post Christmas Sales Hauls :)

It's finally here! My Boxing Day & Post Christmas Sale Haul post :)
I planned to get this up last week but have been so busy recently!

So, Boxing Day I was up and getting ready just before 5:30am, no...not for the Next sale, but to drive 1 and a half hours up North to Manchester for the sales with my sister!
It was dark, I was tired after only 2 hours sleep the night before and 1 hour on Christmas Eve (clearly too excited to sleep!) but excitement soon kicked in and I was wide awake and hyper :)

After leaving a bit later than planned, we arrived in Manchester just after 8am.

Here's me, excited on route to Selfridges :)

and here is my car boot a few hours later, we had a great day!
We had to head back to the car just before lunch to drop off our bags as we couldn't handle carrying things around any longer (especially the heavy perfume sets!). I said 'no more spending' after that, which I stuck to, not buying anything else...except for another Lush haul (third of the day, oops!)

I had my little Disney Princess notepad and pen in my bag, with the list of what I was looking to buy. See, I was good in that sense, I planned what I was going to buy and only things that I really wanted, once again except for the Lush hauls, for which my notepad just said 'Lush...LOADS!' :) Obsession?

Anyway, on to the actual haul...

Manchester Boxing Day Haul:


Vera Wang Princess £24 from £47

Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice £27 from £53

(I will do a separate post on the actual products I purchased!):

Soap & Glory The Bright Stuff £17.50 from £35! All we could find were TONS of the Yum at Heart set BUT, then I spotted a woman with this in her hand, clearly unsure whether to buy it...she then put it down and IT WAS MINE! :) I wanted this one, as I always wanted to try Wish Upon a Jar (which Donna recently paid £15 for alone!)

Minnie Mouse Scrub £1.75 from £3.50 - just cute!! 
Soap & Glory Scrub 'em and Leave 'em Mini (not in sale, just wanted for ages!) £2.35
Barry M Croc Effect Nail Effects (not in sale, but been searching for ages and found 1 left!) £3.99

Then these 2 I paid for with Boots Advantage Points, meaning they were FREEEE, thanks Boots!
Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Style Loving Hair Kit £7.50 from £15 (mainly wanted this for the clutch bag!)
Umberto Giannini Mini Glamourising Beauty Essentials £5 from £10

 This wasn't on my list but was just really cute!
£4.50 from £9

Urban Outfitters:
Let's Party Pirate Tee £15 from £32
Wanted this when I saw it in Birmingham months ago, love the quirkiness and tie-dye :)

That is it for my Manchester haul :)
As mentioned, I will post about my Lush hauls in more depth this weekend!

Next up, a few days after Boxing Day, Donna and I went to Telford.
I didn't plan on buying anything due to my almost non-existant funds BUT couldn't resist a visit to Lush and a little temptation in Boots...

Telford Haul:


 50% off at Lush :)

17 Peep Show Mascara and free eye palette £5.29. See post and more photos here. Review and swatches to follow very soon.

Hometown Haul:

The next day I popped in to town with my mum and sister. I still hadn't found the MTV top that I was searching the sales for and when I walked in to River Island, there it was! One left, right in front of the doors!!
I also got a couple of other things, a Yankee candle, which I really wanted and a bag, which was an impulse purchase!

River Island:
MTV top £12 from £22
Bag £12 from £25(?)

Inside the bag

Lovely design!

 Amazing smell!
£7.99 from £15.99
So, now I am skint and in slight regret over my hauling but I got some nice things, most of which were planned to be bought.

Did you go crazy in the sales?

Also...'Celebrity Big Brother' has started tonight, like the last one wasn't so long ago!
Another bunch of Z listers getting paid hundreds of thousands to 'entertain' us.
Hugh Hefner's twin ex-girlfriends...celebrity? Anyone in the UK actually heard of them before?
and Frankie Cocozza...don't even get me started on him!
Natalie Cassidy is one of the most known in there for actually working, rather than being a 'celeb' for causing controversy and being in the papers! I must say, she seems genuine and I'm loving how well she has taken on BB's task :)
Are you watching? Find yourself asking why? Opinions?
*Rant over*



  1. GREAT post!!!! Love so much of what you got. Love he MTV top, ive been eyeing that for ages in River Island, really wana try Naughty Alice too x x

  2. you bought some lovely stuff, I am very jealous!
    Carissa xx

  3. You got some awesome steals girl! I am always, always jealous when I come to your blog and see all your beautiful new treasures!


  4. Wow you got loads of fab stuff! Loving that Urban Outfitters tee :) and of course the Yankee Candle = lush! xx

  5. You got some amazing things!

  6. You got some great things :) Love the perfumes!

    I nominated you for an award on my blog (kreativ blogger award)

  7. I love the bag! And everything from lush!! :)


  8. Wow it looks like you had a successful time in the sales! Those perfumes are such bargains :)
    I always get sucked into celeb bb, I agree this years lot seem more z list than usual! I am warming to Natalie though, she was hilarious on her secret task! x

  9. @Lucy - Thank yooouuu :) Get to River Island, quick! That one and a couple of other MTV tops were reduced, including the white one, which I bought a few days before, full price! They've got even more MTV tops coming out now though and I like every single one! and there are some other designs of that style top now, like Guns n Roses and New Kids on the Block :)
    Naughty Alice is nice. It's different from the sweet scents I usually go for, it's pretty strong and one that I have been umm'ing and arr'ing about for over a year but I decided to go for it, as it was a bargain, I love the box and the bottle AND the charm around the bottle is actually a bracelet :)

    @Carissa - Thanks :) It definitely helps to make a list in advance, that's one tip I would give! Helped me a lot this year and stopped me buying random things just because they were cheap!

    @Jasmine - Aww, thank you, haha :) I was very impressed with the sales this year! It's great when things you want for ages come up in the sales!

    @Cara - Thanks :) I never really noticed Yankee candles until this Christmas but now I have a list of ones I want! I've seen some of the new ones that have just come out and there are a couple which smell amazing!

    @Zoe - Thanks :) I think next year I either need to stay away from the sales, or save money aside each month leading up to the sales! They have ruined my bank account!

    @Bethan - I thought I did quite well :) A bit too well though, struggling through to payday now!
    Thank you for nominating me!

    @Coley - Thank you :) I know, I got a bit carried away with Lush... My bedroom smells like a Lush store still, haha! I will be doing a post on the things I bought from Lush, either tonight or tomorrow hopefully ;)

    @Caroline - I did :) I know, I have wanted both for so long, so was really excited to find out they were in the sales!
    Same! Yes, this year's has to be one of the worst line-ups. 'Celebs' for who they have slept with, for kiss 'n' tells and for scandals! I agree, Natalie and Romeo are standing out to me, as they both seem real, Andrew Stone and Denise Welch too!

    Thanks for all you comments girls :)


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